Wi-Fi 6: Enabling Smarter Verticals in Digital Business

Wi-Fi has undergone significant enhancements over the years. This short-range technology has become crucial to indoor environments and various verticals. As the pandemic expedited its adoption, Wi-Fi technology expanded into telemedicine and online education transforming digital business. 

Join us for a webinar to explore how the latest Wi-Fi standard 6 is changing industries with smarter and more efficient IoT-enabled business operations. We will examine use cases and applications across verticals, including: 

  • Connected health care  
  • Telematics 
  • Retail and Entertainment 
  • Industrial IoT 
  • Smart Cities 

Attendees will learn:  

  • Wi-Fi 6 benefits and features that can make smart verticals smarter 
  • How our modules facilitate Wi-Fi 6 IoT solution development 
  • How the technology connects devices, services and applications for greater value to end customers