What You Need to Know about Cellular LPWAN and IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) adoption is marked by disparities across businesses and communities. Complexity, risks and the challenge of formulating compelling business cases have hindered a seamless transition to IoT. 

As key IoT drivers, cellular low-power wide-area network (LPWA or LPWAN) technologies can overcome these hurdles. Cellular LPWAN enables devices that require long-range communications and low power consumption. The standards for these technologies — which include LTE Cat M1 (aka LTE-M) and LTE Cat NB1/NB2 (aka narrowband IoT, NB-IoT) — were introduced in 3GPP’s Release (Rel) 13

How Cellular LPWAN Technologies Prepare Businesses for 5G

Cellular LPWAN technologies have five primary characteristics:  

  • Low power consumption for 10 or more years of extended battery life  
  • Wide area coverage and deep indoor penetration 
  • High security by design  
  • Support for more devices than unlicensed spectrum  
  • Enables small, intermittent data exchanges 

These features empower myriad applications across industries, from smart metering to IoT asset tracking

Cellular LPWAN technologies integrate seamlessly with existing cellular infrastructures. This integration ability applies to 5G as businesses prepare for that transition. LTE Cat M1 and NB-IoT are future-proof and can integrate easily with 5G cellular networks. These technologies ensure long-term viability and provide a stable foundation for scaling IoT deployments. 

Key Takeaways

Join us for a roundtable discussion about cellular LPWAN. Our experts will demystify IoT intricacies and share practical insights to guide you into embracing the future with confidence. We’ll explore everything you need to know about cellular LPWAN and its use cases and benefits for IoT solutions. 

Attendees will learn:  

  • How cellular LPWAN overcomes obstacles to adopting IoT technologies 
  • Why this technology helps mobile network operators (MNOs) with IoT application costs, coverage and power consumption requirements  
  • How avenues like private and corporate networks and enhanced service offerings enable MNOs to maximize returns on their infrastructures 
  • What you need to know about leveraging cellular LPWAN in your IoT deployment