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IoT Central: Better Outcomes with Remote Patient Monitoring

The move toward a connected health care ecosystem has resulted in significant progress in the industry. A patient-centric approach is driving this progress and innovation. According to Berg Insight, connected medical devices are growing exponentially and are projected to reach 126 million by 2027. Use cases like sleep apnea and cardiac arrhythmia drive the dominant market share of these devices. 

Remote Patient Monitoring: Use Cases to Improve Health Outcomes

IoT health care solutions, also called medtech, are transforming the health care landscape. Medtech is fostering connectivity among all health stakeholders. Medtech companies have become health care providers, utilizing cloud systems to serve patients worldwide 24/7. Clinical research organizations leverage this technology for remote patient monitoring, resulting in a new era of decentralized clinical trials. 

Other emerging use cases and applications for remote health monitoring include: 

  • Medical drones 
  • First responder communication 
  • Care robots 
  • Remote surgery 

According to data from the NHS in the U.K., remote patient monitoring solutions for care homes had the following results: 

  • Emergency visits dropped by 11% reduction in emergency visits 
  • 28% fewer patients were readmitted within 28 days 
  • The length of stay for emergency admissions fell by 11% 

Key Takeaways

Watch this IoT Central webinar to explore the health care industry and remote patient monitoring systems. We’ll discuss the impact of 4G and 5G technology on these devices. Moreover, we will provide insights into the best technologies for various medical needs. You’ll discover why cybersecurity is critical for remote patient monitoring devices and the global mandates from regulatory bodies. 

You will see how medical Internet of Things (IoT) devices give health care providers real-time data to make better decisions. We will show a practical demonstration of cybersecurity activation in a 4G connectivity service. 

You will learn: 

  • The benefits of remote patient monitoring for patients and providers 
  • The best technologies for remote patient monitoring solutions 
  • How to select the right communication module and connectivity provider for your smart health care monitoring application