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Critical Infrastructure: Why IoT Firmware Security Matters

What Is IoT Firmware, and Why Is it Important?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a linchpin in everyday life. IoT modules are critical to the seamless operation of essential infrastructure. They are data entry and exit points and connect industrial devices to cellular networks. 

The firmware that runs in any IoT module is complex yet often overlooked. Everything that makes devices smart goes through this module. As such, it’s on the front line of your IoT device’s security. However, most device manufacturers don’t know what the firmware is doing or who wrote it.  

This firmware is responsible for many tasks, including:  

  • The communication technology protocols   
  • An application interface that gives control and notifications about module behavior  
  • Device security 

Why a Trusted Provider Is Critical for Secure Modules and IoT Firmware

It’s easy to dismiss modules as simple radios or wires. However, IoT is evolving. Modules require special features (e.g., security features to mitigate threats) and resources to support various use cases, including:   

  • Internet services  
  • Device management services  
  • Full application integration 

If your IoT modules don’t come from a trusted provider, connected devices like smart meters can be compromised. Unsecured modules leave the door open for hackers and other bad actors. Security breaches in critical infrastructure devices can have catastrophic consequences.  

Key Takeaways

Join our webinar to learn about IoT firmware and the importance of selecting a secure IoT provider. We’ll provide insights into strategies for maintaining security throughout the IoT device life cycle. We’ll also look at how cybersecurity threats affect critical infrastructure and why it’s crucial to trust your module supplier.  

Attendees will learn:  

  • What IoT firmware is and its role in IoT devices  
  • Why it’s critical to know who controls your device and firmware security  
  • The security risks critical infrastructure faces and how a secure IoT module vendor can help you overcome them