Siretta: Your Gateway to the LPWA Revolution

Short of integrating Telit modules into their own custom-made IoT hardware designs, many organizations look to benefit from the robust, future-proof and internationally-applicable Telit modules by working with gateway providers to supply a plug-and-play, pre-constructed IoT edge device.

Siretta is one such solution provider uniquely positioned at the high-value intersection of advanced performance and low-cost formfactor. Key to providing this value is integrating the latest in cellular technologies, like the Telit LTE-M cellular IoT module, the ME910C1.

Designing a Singular Hardware Solution for a Varied Set of Industries

Siretta, a Reading, UK based IoT hardware designer & manufacturer, has been integrating Telit IoT Modules for a number of years, mainly in their industrial modems, gateway devices and cellular signal analyzer products.

After years of success with this arrangement and an awareness of the importance of having a trustworthy IoT partner as it navigates the future of low-power LTE and 5G technologies, Siretta selected the Telit ME910C1 cellular module for its new ZETA-NLP series of Ultra Low Power Modems.

We trust Telit to provide the right technology, at the right price point, with the right level of support – like they have for a number of years now. Whether we are operating in Manchester or Mozambique, Telit modules helps us offer our customer cellular capabilities they can count on.

Steve Sydes, CEO of Siretta

The ME910C1 cellular module is the Category M1/NB1 evolution of the Telit LE910 Series of LTE modules. Specified in the approved Release 13 of the 3GPP standard, Cat M1/NB1 devices are specifically tailored for IoT applications, offering optimized power consumption and enhanced coverage.

This model further enriches the widely deployed Telit xE910 family of 28 x 28 mm LGA modules. The ME910C1 helps increase the addressable market for LTE technology to include a broad range of new applications and use cases best served with lower maximum data rate, ultra-low power, reduced complexity and cost.

Robust Features, Small Footprint

Sporting superior compatibility in an affordable solution, the ZETA-NLP can operate as a standalone gateway plugged directly into remote equipment, or through a PC, MAC or Linux platform for use as an industrial modem solution. USB and RS-232 interfaces ensure compatibility with current and legacy globally-available sensor platforms and machinery. Integrated 2G fallback capabilities ensure that even as new low-category LTE technologies continue to spread throughout the world, users can be confident they won’t be left unconnected waiting for that expansion to occur.

This focus on compatibility means that the ZETA-NLP technology is applicable for a wide range of industries, including traffic monitoring, parking, utilities, vending, digital signage, and more. As the solution is truly plug and play, even legacy systems can be connected easily to the Internet of Things.

New low category LTE technologies are game changers no matter what the industry they are applied in. More data, lower-cost; hand in hand with new data visualization and analysis technologies that exist upstream, digital transformation is becoming more and more accessible than ever before. We are proud to be at the forefront of this evolution.

Paul Gibbons, CTO of Siretta

The ZETA-NLP using the ME910C1 is an LTE UE Category M1/NB1 device with maximum downlink and uplink data rate of 1Mbps. This next generation of product supports the new features specified by 3GPP to boost IoT applications, such as the Power Saving Mode (PSM) and the extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX), which allow the devices to wake up periodically and deliver very small amounts of data; dramatically extending battery life.

The ZETA-NLP is a world beating ultra-low power IoT solution which can operate whilst connected to the network at a fraction of the power consumption of other competitive solutions which until now has never been possible.

Simple Use

The already-highlighted simple interface and globally-applicable technology in the robust Siretta-designed ZETA enclosures is further bolstered by the Telit IoT AppZone Technology, offering the ability to host lightweight applications directly on the cellular module itself – no external microcontroller needed.

Siretta can be confident in its ability to address international markets as well as providing enhanced performance products with a single form factor design. As the ME910C1 is a natural extension of the popular Telit xE910 family of modules, Siretta only needs to design ZETA-NLP series of gateways once; and then select the appropriate xE910 module for their customers region.

Siretta is confident in their ability to support their loyal customers – and plenty of new ones – on their journey to the latest cutting-edge IoT technologies for 4G LTE and beyond.

Telit is proud to support Siretta in this endeavor.

Let us know if you are interested in working on a customer case study.