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Monitoring Real-Time Consumption Data Across Entire Power Grids

Texas is blessed to have a free-standing and independent power grid as well as rich natural resources. Unfortunately, even these are not enough to keep up with the increased demand for electric generation. Thankfully, with the help of [Telit], we can monitor usage and proactively balance the load to avoid service interruption and damage to mission-critical equipment.

– John Elder, President and CEO


Acclaim Energy Dynamic Load Optimization 365 (DLO365) leverages smart grid technologies to optimize multiple energy curtailment programs, reduce the forward risk premiums of energy supplies, and improve power reliability for enterprise and local grid. It’s a low-cost, intelligent power metering and control system that allows organizations to remotely monitor and switch loads from the grid to standby generators or simply move you off the grid within seconds. It is the world’s only horizontal IoT platform with extensive remote device management and native enterprise application integration capabilities.

Why Telit?

The Telit deviceWISE platform – using MultiTech Gateways that are powered by Telit Modules – extracts data from customer devices and equipment to provide real-time information about power consumption at multiple sites across the entire power grid. Together, the companies enable customers to optimize their power consumption while simultaneously providing the data needed by electricity providers to balance the load and avoid brownouts, blackouts and related damage to customer equipment.



DLO365 can be up and running within a matter of weeks. Telit and AT&T provided the hardware, software, integration services, and the communication system that powers the technology – Acclaim takes care of the rest as the single point of contact throughout the entire engagement.


Upon realizing that Telit’s technology does more than just turn generators on and off, Acclaim started analyzing the performance of the actual generators, measuring fuel levels and tracking maintenance records. Furthermore, data from the Telit platform also revealed that most back-up generators have excess capacity beyond their own needs. So, Acclaim is now also selling the excess power from its customers’ generators back to the power company.

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