June 6, 2014

World’s smallest GSM/GPRS module in NAVIGON’s 70 Premium Live embedded


Rome, 28 October 2010 – Telit Wireless Solutions, an internationally leading specialist in machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, will be equipping the new 5-inch live navigation devices from NAVIGON. Both companies today announced the decision by NAVIGON AG, one of the world’s leading suppliers of navigation systems, to use the GE865-QUAD in the new NAVIGON 70 Premium Live. This makes it the first NAVIGON device to be equipped directly with GSM and thus operating without an external solution.

At this year’s IFA, NAVIGON unveiled its NAVIGON 70 Premium Live navigation system with built-in GE865-QUAD for the first time. Users can now enjoy new live features such as "Fuel Live", obtaining not only a list of all the petrol stations nearby, but also the price per litre of fuel. The device also offers services such as "Events Live", "Traffic Live" and "Weather Live", which provide up-to-date reports on what’s going on in the surrounding area and along the route.

"We chose the GSM/GPRS module from Telit because of its efficient energy use and compact size. Another crucial factor included the global technical support," says Jörn Watzke, Executive Vice President Product Management at NAVIGON AG. "Despite the limited space that we have available for our devices, we can now constantly offer our customers new features that set us apart from the competition."

The GSM module in action

Measuring just 22 x 22 x 3 mm and equipped with Ball Grid Array (BGA), the GE865-QUAD is significantly smaller and more energy efficient than all previous models and the majority of rival models. This makes the M2M module ideal for use in the smallest mobile devices, such as connected personal navigation devices (PND) and those used in telemetry applications, the automotive sector, person-locating equipment or E-health.

"We’re very proud that our module, by forming part of an innovative system such as the NAVIGON 70 Premium Live, is able to demonstrate its abilities," said Felix Marchal, Global VP Sales at Telit Communications PLC. "The fact that one of the leading suppliers of GPS navigation systems is making wider use of our modules is a significant step forward for Telit and highlights the quality of our products."

New services standard

The GE865-QUAD is equipped with the previously optional Python Script Interpreter. As a result, the module can either be embedded into existing applications and controlled via an external micro-controller or be operated as a stand-alone system via Python. A further advantage is the remote AT service, developed by Telit to allow AT commands to be sent to the module via SMS or TCP. This makes remote access significantly easier, and with it the maintenance of applications.

Premium FOTA management

Changes in the network or a new software version can lead to applications malfunctioning, which mean that the module firmware has to be updated regularly. To make this easier, Telit is offering its customers a new service, Premium FOTA management, which simplifies the maintenance of applications even further. Companies can therefore transfer updates remotely quickly and reliably "over the air", significantly extending the lifetime of applications.

Further information on the world’s smallest GSM/GPRS module can also be found on Telit’s website at:

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