May 19, 2016

Telit’s IoT Products and Services power M2M Engineering’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure solutions

Telit IoT Modules, Connectivity, and Platform services enables M2M Engineering to make smart metering even smarter with Edge Intelligence capabilities

London, May 19, 2016 – Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced its collaboration with M2M Engineering, a provider of communication solutions to the utility industry, with the goal of creating cost-effective and secure high-availability communication solutions using proven cellular and wireless technology for the Utilities Industry.  The capabilities enabled by the use of cellular networks, more broadly known as the Internet of Things, allow M2M Engineering to embed intelligence within individual remote meters, elevating them to real-time sensor nodes within the Smart Grid.

M2M Engineering is working with leading utility companies, wireless carriers and innovative software vendors to field the Genesis Advanced Metering Platform. The collaborative effort centers on use of Telit’s end-to-end IoT Solutions of integrated IoT Modules, Connectivity, and Platforms.

Telit’s comprehensive line of cellular hardware modules and their unique ability to seamlessly integrate with the globally deployed Telit IoT Platform further enables the Genesis Metering products to meet domestic and global requirements.  Through the use of Telit technology and services, the Genesis Advanced Metering Platform propels advanced metering into the realm of IoT and allows utility customers to have one IoT Platform that can address a broad collection of use cases.

“Use of Telit’s integrated IoT products and services of hardware modules, enables M2M Engineering to offer a truly groundbreaking end-to-end IoT solution for metering systems in terms of cost, functions and security. ” says Charles Melvin, president of M2M Engineering.

The popular Telit IoT Platform is centered on the company’s deviceWISE application enablement platform, the industry’s most comprehensive set of tools and resources for any end-to-end IoT deployment, features connectivity management, device management, data management, administration, security, and application development tools – making it the easiest way to onboard to the Internet of Things.

“Its a pleasure working with a forward-thinking organization like M2M Engineering which understands the value of an end-to-end IoT solution offering,“ added Fred Yentz, CEO of Telit IoT Platforms, “thereby leveraging Telit’s deep IoT expertise to eliminate risk, cost, and time-to-market of their IoT Deployment.“

The collaboration of M2M Engineering and Telit centered on the following features of the Telit IoT end-to-end offering:

IoT Modules
•    The xE910 family of cellular modules provides a cost-effective and durable solution that’s ideal for fixed-wireless applications such as providing an advanced metering infrastructure.

IoT Connectivity
•    Reliable cellular data plans with enterprise-class device management tools and dashboards provide real-time ability for monitoring, controlling, updating and troubleshooting the entire AMI system from meter to data export.

IoT Platform powered by deviceWISE
•    Enterprise IT Integration – Via the deviceWISE Enterprise Gateway, data collected from the metering system can be directly mapped to provide seamless integration into existing utility company IT systems for both their own enterprise servers and their clients, whether located in-house or in the cloud.
•    Administration & Security – The deviceWISE platform has built-in Public Key Infrastructure technology for managing security certificates, encryption, authentication and revocation parameters.  The platform’s multi-tenant structure provides inherent privacy and security for the coexistence of an endless number of organizations and sub-organizations, making it the perfect enterprise solution for achieving compliance with cybersecurity requirements for critial infrastructure.

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