January 9, 2015

Telit supplies WCDMA module for Power Cube charger as part of Seoul’s pilot project for ‘electric vehicle (EV) mobile charging service’

100 Power Cube EV mobile electric vehicle (EV) chargers will be supplied for free by April 2015 based on the pilot project agreement with Seoul, Robert Bosch Korea and Korea Testing Certification

Seoul, 2014-12-30 Telit Wireless Solutions, a global enabler of the Internet of the Things (IoT), today announced that it will supply its WCDMA module for electric vehicle (EV) mobile charging products of Power Cube, a company specialized in EV charging products and services. As a result, Telit Wireless Solutions will become an active participant in Seoul’s pilot project for EV mobile charging service.

The EV mobile charger E-Line series from Power Cube contains an embedded communications terminal and electric meter that bills users through the communication network leveraging attached RFID tags for authentication. As a result, the actual usage can be accurately measured, even when rates are charged to a public-use building.

Thanks to the unique portable design, the EV mobile charging service does not require a separate charger, resulting in lower initial costs. In addition, charges are per use.  Best of all, it does not require reinstallation costs (6 million KRW) when mobile.

One hundred of Power Cube’s E-Line mobile chargers will be supplied for free by April 2015 as part of the pilot project for EV mobile charging service announced by Seoul to stimulate the adoption of environmentally friendly EVs. Seoul signed an agreement for mobile charging service pilot project with Power Cube as well as Robert Bosch Korea, Korea Testing Certification, SK Engineering & Construction and Lotte Mart on the 24th.

“Power Cube has discussed various issues with global players, including technical partnership and product supply contracts, as part of our long-term move for entry into overseas markets,” said Andy Shin, Executive Director, Power Cube. “Our developers could stably implement a variety of feature sets in a stable manner by adopting the Telit modules whose features are compatible with one another and can be used in any region without having to change design as they are designed based on the same form factor.”

Industries and technologies related to cars and the smart grid that represent the telematics field are receiving ever more attention,” said Telit’s senior vice president Kim Ho-sang, who is in charge of sales in Korea and Japan. “Power Cube’s EV mobile chargers are expected to accelerate the popularization of EVs by increasing customer convenience and reducing costs, making them best practice for the smart grid industry. Telit will strive to continuously develop products and build technological partnerships so that our modules and solutions can be used in more diverse IoT industries.”

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