June 6, 2014

Telit presents new SHORT-RANGE product series and the smallest GSM/GPRS module in the world

With the integration of Short-Range technologies into its product portfolio, Telit is widening its offering on the M2M market. This makes the company the only major M2M supplier to offer a cellular as well as an entire Short-Range module product portfolio. In addition to offering the existing cellular technologies – GSM/GPRS, UMTS/WEDGE/HSDPA and CDMA – Telit now also offers Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Short Range RF (proprietary mesh and point to point for unlicensed frequency bands), Wireless MBus and GPS M2M modules.

"The growth of the M2M market is leading to a convergence of technologies and services. This is why we now need to wirelessly and seamlessly combine different technologies together," explains Felix Marchal, Global VP Sales at Telit Communications PLC. "The new Short-Range product series is the ideal addition to our present M2M portfolio. It means our customers can now obtain all the technologies they require to realize cutting-edge M2M solutions from a single source." The 15 new modules are now available worldwide.

GE865: the smallest GSM/GPRS module in the world

Telit is also unveiling the GE865, the latest extension to its GE product range. The innovative Ball Grid Array (BGA) module is based on a single-chip solution with a form factor of just 22 x 22 x 3 mm. This makes it the smallest globally available GSM/GPRS module. The GE865 can be incorporated perfectly into high-volume M2M applications in which the module size and low energy consumption play a key role. Thanks to quad-band technology, this module can be operated on all of the global GSM networks and makes all of the various data services possible over GSM/GPRS networks. An integrated TCP/IP protocol stack provides support for UDP, FTP and SMTP via AT commands.

GE865 also features RUN AT Commands. This feature allows users to run any AT Command via SMS or TCP. The remote control of different events on the application side is drastically simplified by using text messages from any phone for both activation commands and receiving replies. Some of the major applications are related to monitoring of GPIOs, roaming, battery level, voltage, or module state with the possibility to send alerts in the event that conditions change. The GE865-QUAD also enables its use in an extended temperature range from -30 to +80°C.

"The advantages of the GE865 lie both in its compactness and in its improved product performance and features. It consequently provides the ideal solution to the high demands on complex M2M applications," says Marchal. "With this module, Telit is reinforcing its claim to technical innovation leadership on the M2M market." In terms of software, as with all Telit modules, the GE865 can be fully integrated with previous Telit platforms and can thus be implemented easily into existing designs. The module is ideal for locating people or objects in both professional and consumer applications. It will be fully certified for all international markets and is already available in sample quantities.


About Telit

Telit Wireless Solutions is an internationally leading specialist in wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) technology. Telit is the only company worldwide to offer communications modules for all of the various wireless technologies: it develops, produces and markets modules for GSM/GPRS, UMTS/WEDGE/HSDPA, CDMA/EVDO and Short-Range RF applications. M2M applications rationalise business processes by enabling machines, equipment and vehicles to communicate with each other via mobile networks. Telit products are used all over the world and marketed via Telit’s offices in Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, France, the UK, Israel, Italy, Korea, Spain, the Republic of South Africa, Taiwan, Turkey and the USA. Telit’s global distributor network comprises of specialists in wireless technologies such as Arrow and Rutronik and enhances the customer experience in over 56 countries, worldwide. Telit Communications PLC is listed on AIM (ticker: TCM).

Further information about Telit and its products can be found at www.telit.com.

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