June 6, 2014

Telit launches worldwide smallest 2G module with integrated A-GPS receiver

M2M specialist adds GPS functionality to established GE864 family.

Rome, 27 April 2011 – Telit Wireless Solutions, an internationally leading specialist in machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, introduces the GE864-GPS. The new quad band module is the smallest, and most efficient GSM/GPRS M2M module on the market with embedded GPS receiver in a compact BGA form factor. The combined solution is especially suited for highly integrated positioning solutions in automotive, tracking or security applications requiring 2G network connectivity in a very small footprint.

The new GE864-GPS shares the identical form factor and is pin-to-pin compatible with Telit’s successful GE864 family, making it the smallest GSM/GPRS module in the market with full 48-channels A-GPS functionality. It combines the high performance of Telit’s proven GSM/GPRS core technology with the latest SiRFstarIVTM high sensitivity single-chip A-GPS receiver.

High-level A-GPS with minimal power consumption
The new assisted GPS receiver features an optimized power management function, which allows to maintain hot start capability at minimal energy consumption, offering a position resolution accuracy of less than 2.5m. Moreover, the GE864-GPS supports Satellite Based Augmentation Systems, such as WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS and GAGAN. With a dedicated power supply circuit, the GPS chipset can work independently from the GSM chipset and still operates when the cellular part is in power saving mode or switched off. This function is very helpful for battery operated solutions that activate the communication function only upon triggering events like e.g. location changes.

The GPS receiver is equipped with a flash-based memory, so the firmware can be upgraded. The ultra small Ball-Grid-Array package (size: 30 x 30 x 2.9 mm) allows the end application to have a very low profile and small overall dimensions, facilitating the design of extremely compact location based services solutions. Since connectors are eliminated, the cost is significantly reduced as compared to conventional mounting technologies. These features, combined with the embedded PythonTM script interpreter result in a very cost effective and well equipped platform, quite capable of becoming an integrated solution for the complete customer application. Additional features including jamming detection, integrated TCP/IP protocol stack, and Easy Scan® offer valuable benefits to the application developer without adding cost.

Remote upgrade capability
All Telit modules support Over-the-Air firmware update by Premium FOTA Management. By embedding RedBend’s vCurrent® agent, a proven and battle-tested technology powering hundreds of millions of cellular handsets world-wide, Telit is able to update its products by transmitting only a delta file, which represents the difference between one firmware version and another. FOTA service is available for the GSM firmware and will be available in the future for the GPS firmware as well.

Dominikus Hierl, Chief Marketing Officer at Telit Communications PLC says: "The GE864-GPS is a prime example for the advantages of Telit’s proven family concept. Clients who have been using the GE864-QUAD V2 in their solutions can now incorporate GPS functionality without changing the application design. This helps them to reduce development costs and time to market."

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