June 6, 2014

Telit Introduces Two Short-Range, High-Power Data Communication Products

Star-topology LT70-868 terminal and LE70-915 module to deliver wireless data communication with multi-kilometer-range performance for wired-to-wireless migration market

London, UK – October 15, 2013 – Telit Wireless Solutions, a global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, products and services, today announced the market introduction of the LT70-868 terminal and the LE70-915 module, both point-to-point, star-topology, short-range wireless products for the multi-kilometer range wired-to-wireless network migration market. The products’ high sensitivity, link budget and data rates make them ideal for applications in areas such as solar & wind farms, oil & gas and agricultural automation. The new terminal and module operate respectively in the European 868 MHz and North American 915MHz ISM license-free frequency bands, allowing manufacturers to quickly integrate wireless communication into control systems and sensor nodes replacing wired networks with wireless data links meeting full regulatory compliance.

Both products excel in all dimensions critical for original equipment manufacturers. The LE70-915’s 142dB radio link budget makes integration with the host hardware simple, lowering BOM costs. LT70-868 terminal also delivers a high 144dB link budget. Both products are rated for continuous 500mW configurable radio output power operation combined with high sensitivity (-117dBm), delivering a reliable operating range of up to 10Km. And the ultra-low standby current allows use of the devices in battery powered electronic designs for applications such as soil moisture and pipeline monitors, hall-effect closure detectors and PIR surveillance devices requiring battery replacement cycles in multiples of years. Both the terminal and module have single-digit micro-Amp standby currents.

The compact module is housed in a 26x15x3mm LGA package, the terminal in a 100x66x46mm rugged IP67 metal enclosure and are capable of sustaining data rates up to 57.6Kbps, providing customers a wide array of application possibilities. The AES encryption feature allows the products to be applied in devices and systems transmitting sensitive data. As a member of the Telit Short Range module family, the LE70-915 is fully form-factor compatible with all its ZigBee, Wireless M-BUS and Low-Power Mesh counterparts.

"The LE70-915 module was designed to help traditionally cable-networked manufacturers of electronic devices in North America, Australia and New Zealand go wireless quickly and easily. Our customers further benefit from the extensive know how in RF design from our R&D and support organizations which collaborate with them starting from product concept all the way to testing and manufacturing," said Dominikus Hierl, Chief Marketing Officer at Telit Wireless Solutions. "The LT70-868 terminal also follows the engineering tradition of all our cellular and short-range modules with industry-topping performance and features such as the repeater functionality and high sensitivity that can significantly lower cost and engineering complexity integrating wireless control systems."

The new high-performing products are delivered with Telit’s comprehensive support and customization services rooted on extensive knowledge of short range RF design in the various vertical segments, making the make-versus-buy decision an easy one for the electronic equipment manufacturer.

With over a decade of exclusive focus on M2M, reducing technical risk and shortening time to market for OEMs and integrators, Telit is the industry’s ONE STOP. ONE SHOP. We leverage M2M’s broadest portfolio in cellular, short range and positioning technologies paired with m2mAIR services covering application enablement as well as mobile network and internet/cloud sides of connectivity. Telit products and services are delivered with global support and logistics exceeding exacting requirements from customers large and small. Now innovate!

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