September 18, 2015

Telit Helps Cresatech Improve Safety, Minimize Outages and Detect Theft

Innovative sensing technology targets integrity of grounding systems and metal theft for power utilities, telecom providers and rail networks.

London, September, 23, 2015 – Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that its IoT modules and IoT platform services enable the newly deployed Cresatech CuTS® platform, an innovative system designed to protect and monitor electrical service environments.  The integrity of grounding systems and metal theft are worldwide problems for power utilities, telecom providers and rail networks, and result in significant safety issues and high cost of replacing cables for copper networks.
Cresatech employs patented sensing technology that was developed in collaboration with the electricity distribution industry.  The CuTS platform provides immediate notification of any disconnection, removal, breakdown or disturbance in the network infrastructure.  Theft or other issues, such as joint corrosion, are detected by the system which looks for changes in the inductance characteristics of the infrastructure.  To enable cost-effective deployment, sites are divided into individual zones and any changes within monitored zones generate an alarm that is then pushed to the CuTS Cloud platform.
“Since the requirements of our industrial customers are extremely stringent, we can only use the most reliable, secure, and scalable technologies for our CuTS platform.  Working with Telit, we have been able to exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver them a first class end-to-end solution,” said Iain Warner, Cresatech’s Product Manager. “Telit delivered the appropriate IoT modules and IoT platform services, and also provided critical engineering support and integration expertise from a single source – reducing cost, complexity and time-to-market.”
Telit IoT products and services sit at the core of the CuTS platform, connecting customers’ critical field infrastructure to their own Cloud-based dashboards.  The sensing solutions rely on the GL865 QUAD V3 modules, a highly reliable 2.5G cellular solution that is perfect for size sensitive and high-volume industrial applications.
The Telit IoT Portal platform services provide Cresatech with comprehensive connection, management, and integration capabilities under their own brand.  Cresatech’s customers can receive alarms or monitor and control the status, integrity and performance of their remote installations in real time via customized dashboards. 
The IoT Portal also lets Cresatech perform remote sensor updates, manage data plans from Telit and/or others, and create web-based or mobile apps or integrate with their customers’ existing enterprise systems and databases.
“We’re pleased to help Cresatech develop an innovative IoT solution to a real and acute problem for power utilities, telecom providers and rail networks worldwide,” concluded Sammy Yahiaoui Services VP EMEA at Telit. 

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