February 17, 2016

Telit Expands Application Development and Connectivity Management Functions on the IoT Portal

Company to feature industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end IoT services at Mobile World Congress

London, February 17, 2016 – Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced it is adding dashboarding, built-in network steering and remote device management to the Telit IoT Portal.  These new capabilities are consolidated under the Portal’s Application Development and Connectivity Management functions – providing Telit portal users a unique and powerful set of tools to configure, manage and optimize both devices and connections from an intuitive Cloud-based service.
The new dashboarding tool features built-in graphing and visualization, quick and easy customization and real-time data intelligence.  As an integral part of the IoT Portal, dashboards make it easy to transform and translate data into usable information.
Telit’s Connectivity Management lets customers manage a connection life cycle, analyze connection quality, and set all provisioning and data plan parameters – improving overall performance and data cost management in real time.  The built-in CDP integration (unveiled in late 2015) aggregates federated data across multiple wireless networks – a valuable capability when operating IoT deployments in different countries and regions around the world.  The new “Switch” feature is a roaming network steering tool to offset the financial and technical risks posed by mobile network failures or degraded performance.  .
The IoT Portal is enriched further by Device Management functions to remotely configure and troubleshoot IoT devices.  For the tens of millions of Telit modules that are already deployed in the field there is no device-side application integration required. The functionality may also extend to non-Telit embedded devices through the deviceWISE agent technology and API.
“Telit is always on the forefront of IoT Innovation as illustrated by these advanced functions that help our customers dramatically improve the performance and cost management of their entire IoT deployment from a single web interface,” said Fred Yentz , President IoT Platforms. “The developer-friendly Telit IoT Portal provides instant and full access to unmatched tools and resources for any IoT project.”
The Telit IoT Portal, reduces risk, time-to-market, complexity and cost of deploying solutions for monitoring and control, industrial automation, asset tracking and field service operations across all industries and market segments around the world.  Developers can connect, collect, and control anything with a single, standardized API set that is common across device integration, connectivity management and application development.  Additionally, customers enjoy professional maintenance and support and ongoing upgrades to new features and capabilities.  Access a free trial of the Telit IoT Portal.
Telit will demonstrate the IoT Portal on booth 5E61 throughout the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  Interested parties are invited to schedule a meeting in advance.

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