June 6, 2018

Telit Enables Nayax to Expand Cashless Payment Solutions to LTE Cat M1 Networks

Telit Enables Nayax to Expand Cashless Payment Solutions to LTE Cat M1 Networks

Telit’s ME910 LTE IoT category M1 module offers enhanced coverage

London, June 6, 2018 – Venditalia – Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that it is showcasing the Nayax cashless payment solution, VPOS Touch, which uses the xE910 family of cellular IoT modules, during the Venditalia event from June 6-9 in Milan, Italy.

Nayax, a global leader of cashless payment solutions, has integrated the compact ME910 cellular IoT module, providing vending machine operators with wireless cashless payment services. As a solution installed in each vending machine, Nayax accepts all forms of credit, debit, prepaid and postpaid cards, mobile payment apps, QR code scans and can be used in contact, swipe and contactless transactions. Nayax’s platform provides a complete solution for cashless payments, telemetry, management suite and consumer engagement tools, designed to improve productivity and increase sales for operators.

 Nayax has been using Telit’s modules and connectivity services for the last 4 years, moving from 2G modems to the 3G UE910 module in Europe and the 4G Cat1 LE910 module in the USA. The ME910 allowed Nayax to swiftly migrate from 3G to 4G LTE Cat M1 networks.

The ME910 module is a member of Telit’s best-selling xE910 family and can easily be applied as a pin-to-pin replacement for existing devices based on the family’s modules for 2G, 3G,  and LTE Categories 1, 3 and 4. Industries that demand lower costs, increased security and extended product lifecycles now have more options with the Telit ME910. The longevity of the LTE Cat M1 standard and extensive feature set make the ME910 an ideal solution for new and existing applications such as connected sensors and meters.

“The deployment of ME910 under 4G Cat M1 networks allows a longer effective lifetime for battery-powered devices, and relatively low costs for powering, connecting, and maintaining devices—making mass deployment and management possible,” said Tomer Lavie, Sr. Vice President Sales EMEA, Telit. “Industries that demand lower costs, security and extended product lifecycles now have more options with the Telit ME910 in addition to certified LTE IoT cellular Cat M1 and NB1 modules.”

“Integrating the Telit ME910 in our cashless payment solutions enables us to provide enhanced communication features for our customers,“ said Keren Sharir, Vice President Marketing, Nayax. “Telit ensures our customers receive the necessary data for operating their businesses, improving productivity at every stage of the process. In addition, having access to 4G connectivity keeps Nayax ahead of the competition, and allows our customers to stay competitive in their markets as well.“

Telit has the broadest portfolio of certified LTE IoT modules in the industry. For more information about the Telit portfolio of cellular Cat M1 and NB1 modules, click https://contact.www.telit.com/nbiot.

Telit is exhibiting at Venditalia June 6-9, to learn more, visit us in hall 4, stand C53. Visit Nayax at Venditalia in hall 4, stand A14.

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Nayax is a leading cashless, telemetry, and management solutions provider for the unattended payment device industry. Established in 2005, over 250,000 devices installed worldwide, operating in more than 55 countries, have integrated Nayax solutions.

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