June 6, 2014

Telit debuts enhanced One Stop. One Shop. featuring m2mAIR Cloud, powered by deviceWISE

With the addition of platform and cloud services, Telit offers true end-to-end enablement, making the Internet of Things plug-and-play

Barcelona, Spain, February 24, 2014 – Telit Wireless Solutions today announced the availability of a new services offering resulting from their recent acquisition of ILS Technology. m2mAIR Cloud services are powered by the world-leading ILS Technology deviceWISE Application Enablement Platform (AEP). The addition of platform and cloud services enhances the Telit One Stop. One Shop. value proposition, enabling Telit customers to truly experience end-to-end application support from hardware selection to design support to connectivity and all the way through enterprise IT integration and m2mAIR Cloud services – reducing cost, complexity and time-to-market, and providing a plug-and-play experience to accelerate the growth of the Internet of Things.

The m2mAIR Cloud platform, powered by deviceWISE, augments the Telit portfolio with secure connectivity and integration at both ends of any m2m application. Its smart Agent technology turns any device into a micro-analytics engine – delivering exactly the right data to the Portal service for management and processing. At headquarters, m2mAIR Enterprise software enables seamless integration of m2m data into IT systems and business processes in order to drive informed decision making and allow companies realize the full value of m2m across their enterprise. The m2mAIR Cloud Workbench is an easy to use development accelerator. Its drag-and-drop simplicity provides unparalleled speed and flexibility in building gateway and enterprise transaction logic, enabling end-to-end application design with minimal time and effort. m2mAIR Cloud services are hardware agnostic, linking any device to any application for real-time information transfer, transaction logging and bi-directional control.

m2mAIR Cloud services complement the Telit m2mAIR Mobile offerings which provide custom, carrier-grade connectivity tailored for the unique needs of m2m applications, as well as a variety of value-added services designed to help provision, connect, manage and troubleshoot m2m devices.

Essential deviceWISE Open APIs will be embedded in more than 100 Million Telit modules in the coming years, so they will be instantly recognizable to the m2m AIR Cloud Portal and equipped with hooks for remote actions both to and from the device.

“Telit has long been a leading provider of m2m hardware, addressing multiple communications protocols with the broadest range of communications and location modules on the market today,” said CEO Oozi Cats. “As we continue to expand our footprint across the value chain, customers can expect unique benefits resulting from tight integration of m2mAIR Mobile and Cloud services with Telit module products.”

A study released this month by the GSMA, organizers of this week’s Mobile World Congress, identified the need to offer complete solutions driving consolidation and partnership across the value chain, effectively validating the Telit approach.

Visitors to Mobile World Congress this week can experience the Telit One Stop. One Shop. at the Telit exhibit (booth 5E61) in Hall 5. On display will be the Tell-It box which integrates multiple Telit modules, m2mAIR Mobile SIM and services, and communicates with m2mAIR Cloud platform. In addition, guests can experience the benefits of cross-divisional integration, with the deviceWISE API embedded on a Telit module. Customers can expect a full suite of modules to be m2mAIR Cloud-ready in the coming months.

To learn more about how Telit and its partners are creating comprehensive end-to-end solutions for m2m adopters, view TIANow @ MWC: The Impact of M2M on Big Data, a panel discussion featuring Qualcomm, Telit and SAP recorded Monday in the Telit exhibit and available at www.tianow.org, the Web TV arm of the Telecommunications Industry Association.

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