December 17, 2015

Telit CAT-1 LTE IoT Modules for North America and Europe Expand 4G Portfolio

London, January 18, 2016 – Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced five new LTE IoT modules, one category 4 (CAT-4)  and four category 1 (CAT-1), the new IoT focused standard, that includes three North American and one European models. These new LTE products expand the 4G portfolio led by the LE866-SV1, launched as the industry’s smallest dual-band, single-mode LTE CAT-1 offering at 15x25mm. Developed for use with North American wireless network carriers, the LE866-SV1, LE910-SV1, LE910-NA1, and the LE910-EU1 for Europe all leverage existing LTE technology aligned with carriers’ plans to support the CAT-1 standard in their respective markets. The LE910-SV V2 is a carrier-approved single mode CAT-4 high bandwidth module introduced for applications requiring high-speed data without the need for fallback to 3 or 2G. Customer designs based on these modules can be easily migrated to CAT-0/M when that standard becomes available and certified by operators. Commercial availability of the CAT-1 products is planned for early 2016, in alignment with the roll out service by carriers. 
Three of the CAT-1 and the CAT-4 LTE IoT modules will be available in the popular xE910 form factor, Telit’s most versatile and comprehensive product family and the other in the xE866 which also includes 2 and 3G drop-in compatible variants. All developed on the company’s tradition of providing broad pin-to-pin compatibility between IoT modules. The xE910 family is the only uniform form factors in the market to include the full range of cellular technologies (GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, CDMA and LTE CAT-x) in a wide variety of regional band configurations and operator certifications. Adding CAT-1 to the xE910 family roadmap paves the way for developers and integrators to leverage not only the standard’s current capabilities but also the evolution of technologies that enhance LTE communication such as MTC, IPv6, and VoLTE (Voice-Over-LTE – LE910 only).

“The wait is over for large scale adoption of LTE for IoT. North American MNOs have taken a leadership role rolling out CAT-1 with Europe right in sequence and Telit will be ready when they launch CAT-1 LTE service for IoT. As the industry leader with the widest portfolio in IoT modules including LTE sub-compact and ultra-compact form factors plus data cards such as the new M.2 standard, developers and integrators continue to benefit from the industry’s longest history of customer partnership and reliability in pure play-M2M/IoT. Telit is uniquely positioned in the market to help our customers react quickly to opportunities, leverage their designs, and expand into other regions with a simple drop in replacement module from the same family.  And now with CAT-1 fully compatible with the next generation IoT modules for CAT-0/M there is no reason for developers to continue waiting.  Design now, deploy the efficient CAT-1 solution and update to CAT-0/M later without redevelopment or retooling,” said Felix Marchal, Telit’s Chief Product Officer.

Engineered to exceed a wide range of application requirements, the Telit CAT-1 LTE IoT modules are easy to pair with a Telit GNSS module for an out-of-the-box position aware IoT solution for tracking, navigation and surveillance. Backed by Telit’s best-in-class products, services and global support options, the CAT-1 LTE IoT modules add permanence to existing 4G deployments and provide new adopters a reduced risk, time-to-market entry into the expanding IoT marketspace. The new series reaffirms Telit’s commitment to removing the risk, complexity and cost barriers from sustainable IoT adoption.

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