June 6, 2014

Telit and SEM execute a Trademark License Agreement for WIMAX products

The BTS and CPE products are the fundamental components of the WiMAX deployment for the coverage of the "last mile" both from a network architecture standpoint (BTS) and from an end user connectivity standpoint (CPE). The WiMAX products will be designed and manufactured by SEM in the technology campus of Vimercate Italy and will be branded with the Telit Trademark across the worldwide markets.

"The license agreement with SEM proves the strength of the Telit brand and technology", said Oozi Cats, CEO Telit Communications PLC. "We look forward to the continued success of our partnership with SEM and the further enhancement of our strategic market position in the M2M market."

SEM and Telit are already engaged in a business-partner relationship, with a large portion of the Telit M2M devices currently manufactured by SEM in Vimercate. 
"The present announcement is the basis for an enhanced relationship between the two companies", said Massimo Girani, CEO of SEM, "both are interested in larger involvement in the emerging wireless technologies, where SEM has developed a great level of skills and competences in RF design, manufacturing and integration".

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