June 6, 2014

Telit and JFL agree on partnership in the Brazilian M2M market

Telit Wireless Solution and JFL are together releasing two families of products

Sao Paulo, 18 January 2009 – Telit Wireless Solution, a leading international company for Machine-to-Machine communication (M2M) and a subsidiary of Telit Communications PLC, has established a new business agreement with JFL, a leading Brazilian company in the electronic security market. The partnership will result in joint marketing activities and the distribution of two families of products in Brazil. Both parties take advantage of the momentum of M2M in the Brazilian market. M2M is one of the most wanted technologies for modern electronic security equipments.

This business alliance will result in the application of Telit’s GC864-Quad module, produced in Brazil, into two families of products manufactured by JFL: Discadoras GSM and Centrais de Alarme BRISA Cell 804 – equipments that are able to send SMS messages and dial programmed numbers when pressed during emergencies, such as a robbery.

The module GC864 perfectly matches the demands from JFL’s product portfolio and its main caracteristic is its connectorization, which means the module has its own connector.

"After analysing crucial elements such as quality, influence in the market, main clients and players, future products as well as technical and commercial assistance from many M2M providers we chose Telit. We expect this partnership will be strong and long", comments Fernando Barbosa Mota, JFL`s director.

Since mid 2008, Telit has made substantial headway in the Brazilian market and plans to increase its market share in 2010. So far, this global player has consolidated its work in such a way that it has become an important supplier of wireless technologies in the country. Brazil is currently one of the fastest-growing wireless markets in the world and the Olympic Games as well as the World Cup, two upcoming events, will help to address a complete roll of new opportunities in this field.

"Telit has again achieved an effective and durable partnership, now with JFL, a company that is recognized in the Brazilian market for its ability to innovate and develop efficient products. As a result of its good performance, JFL has won, for the second time, recognition as one of "100 best companies to work in Brazil", which shows its corporate power in our country", states Marcos Kinzkowski, Telit`s VP of Sales for Latin America. "This union between JFL and Telit will originate complex, complete and innovative solutions, feeding the Brazilian security market", concludes Kinzkowski.

The urban violence in Brazil has significantly increased during the past years; as a consequence, the security market has warmed up. Therefore, there are plenty of reasons for a successful partnership between Telit and JFL. According to the United Nations Organization (UNO), in 2007, the security business was responsible for 10% (US$ 49 billion) of the Brazilian GDP. In the following year, the security market for electronics increased 13% as reported by ABESE (Brazilian Association for Electronic Security Companies).

Nowadays, the Brazilian electronic security sector comprises 10,000 companies (including manufacturers, distributors, sales, installers and integrators) and generates about 113 thousand direct jobs and more than 1,3 million indirect employments. In total, there are approximately 500 thousand monitored properties and more than a million cameras spread all over the country.*

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