June 6, 2014

Telematics expert TES Electronics becomes new Telit Competence Centre

The main task of the Telit Competence Centres is to develop and produce new designs for specific customer applications for GSM/GPRS products based on M2M technology from Telit. Instead of individual products, the telematics expert TES offers its own reference designs that are based on a range of shared basic functions. As part of the reference platform strategy, TES designs and produces customised telematics hardware and software solutions that can then be quickly transferred to serial production. The services provided by TES range from drawing up the application concept and development to product design.

On the strength of its comprehensive expertise in the field of RS design, TES is an ideal partner for Telit. "The experts at TES offer the entire development process, from the idea to the complete product design," says Felix Marchal, Global VP Sales Telit Communications PLC. "Customers therefore receive all the development stages from a single source, which satisfies our own requirements in terms of excellent customer service. Consequently, TES is absolutely ideal as a partner for our Competence Centre."

GE863-GPS as the core of the TITAN reference system

Together with Telit, TES has already developed the TITAN reference system. This reference solution, which is already available in two expansion stages, comprises a base module for communication and location and a processor module for more complex applications. The base module, which is equipped with a Telit QUAD-band GE863-GPS module and integrated SirF Star III GPS, is ideal as a stand-alone solution for simple and inexpensive applications. For more complex telematics applications, the more powerful configuration of TITAN offers an ARM9-based processor module for the operating system and the application programs.

"Telit’s comprehensive M2M expertise and the broad product portfolio were the key motivators behind our decision to enter into this cooperation agreement. We can also call on the support of the Telit team at any time, which will accelerate the product development process tremendously," explains Nick Walker, Senior Vice President Business Development at TES.

Innovative solutions for the telematics market

Both companies also believe that the future holds significant potential for development on both sides. "The development of M2M towards becoming a mass technology will open up entirely new opportunities for us. We are therefore already working together on products for upcoming market needs," says Walker. "Security and fleet management in particular are trends that we will be observing more closely and for which we’ll be offering more solutions in future."

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