September 25, 2014

Smart Public Lighting Delivered by Telit and Menowatt GE

SLIN 169, the solution for Smart Metering designed by Menowatt GE, is based on a public lighting network and Telit wireless modules

Milan, Italy – September, 25 2014 – Telit Wireless Solutions, a leading global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) modules and services, has announced a strategic partnership with Menowatt Ge to develop the SLIN 169 (Smart Lighting Network), which is an information managing and transmission system designed for Smart Metering.  This results in the creation of smart and efficient public lighting networks that monitor and manage energy consumption.

The system employs the Telit ME70-169 wireless M-Bus module, which operates on the 169MHz European license-free frequency. This allows the deployment of monitoring devices that satisfy the regulatory requirement for short-range radio links. It is integrated in municipal public lighting networks, which enables remote monitoring and control of the meters without the need to create a new infrastructure, thereby rationalizing costs and investments.

More than half of the global population lives in cities. Therefore, developments that deal with urbanization issues such as energy consumption are crucial. Providing sustainable urban centres, both from an environmental energy and social perspective, is challenging but it’s one that smart technologies are enabling.

The SLIN 169 system works in conjunction with Dibawatt®, the electronic dimmable for energy efficiency which is patented by Menowatt G and it is based on three hierarchical device levels:
1. The control room (accessible via cloud computing). From the cloud users can manage data and send commands to the system through tablets, smartphones and PCs. 
2. A system gateway, located on a lighting pole, which communicates with the control room. It also conveys information to the other poles and sends the collected result to a database.
3. A periphery also located on a lighting pole of public lighting, that modulates the information and receive commands from the system gateway.

In addition the SLIN 169 can communicate with other energy metering devices, (electricity, gas and water meters), which facilitates the development of Smart Metering projects.
“We’re very proud to collaborate with Menowatt GE and provide our know-how and in-depth experience in the Wireless M-BUS technologies suitable also for Public Lighting along with the vertical segment of Automated Meter Reading,” said Emmanuel Maçon-Dauxerre, Senior Vice President EMEA Sales, Telit Wireless Solutions. “The Smart Metering sector is one of our strategic markets and it is experiencing exponential growth.  The performance of our ME70-169 wireless M-Bus module, together with the comprehensive support and services based on a deep knowledge of short-range RF designs, allow us to partner with companies such as Menowatt GE in the creation and management of their M2M application.”

“Together with Dibawatt®, SLIN 169 is a source of great satisfactions – said Adriano Maroni, CEO of Menowatt GE – resulting from a continued commitment of our Research and Development team, guided by Roberto Marcucci”.

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