June 6, 2014

Pomdevices’ mHealth solution Sonamba™ connects seniors to caregivers using Telit module

Sonamba, a Wellbeing Status Monitor for Seniors Living Independently from pomdevices, LLC, Achieves Connectivity Through Telit’s GE865-QUAD Cellular Module

Raleigh, NC – March 15, 2011 – Telit Wireless Solutions, Inc., the U.S.-based mobile technology arm of Telit Communications Plc (AIM: TCM), announced today that its GE865-QUAD M2M module was selected by pomdevices, LLC to provide cellular connectivity for its Sonamba wellbeing status monitor, an mHealth solution connecting seniors living independently to their caregivers everyday, not just in emergencies.

"There are over 43 million caregivers in the U.S. that seek the peace of mind of knowing that their loved ones are safe and healthy," said Ajit Pendse, CEO of pomdevices. "With the help of Telit’s experience and support throughout the Sonamba development process, we are now able to provide seniors with a well-tested and reliable communication device to extend their ability to live independently."

Sonamba is an in-home monitoring system featuring a seven-inch touchscreen LCD display and built-in motion/sound sensors, emergency button and cellular connectivity – packaged in a sleek design that doubles as a digital photo frame when not being actively used.

Sonamba (which is placed in the senior’s home) helps today’s busy caregivers stay connected to their loved ones living alone. Caregivers receive periodic wellbeing text message alerts based on daily activity in the senior’s home, as well as messages composed by the seniors themselves. Seniors continue to live independently – connecting with their family and caregivers through Sonamba’s texting feature, as well as Sonamba’s medication alerts, calendar reminders, personal emergency response, games and photos. Caregivers can remotely add new photos and adjust settings via the Sonamba iPhone app and mysonamba web portal.

"pomdevices fully recognizes the value of embedded cellular technology in supporting real-time health and wellbeing monitoring, maximizing the effectiveness of caregivers," said Michael Ueland, vice president and general manager of Telit Wireless Solutions North America. "As a comprehensive and accessible monitoring device, Sonamba is a prime example of an mHealth solution that seamlessly integrates itself into consumers’ daily lives, promoting independent living for an aging population."

The GE865-QUAD module features optimized power consumption, a Ball Grid Array (BGA) design, and an integrated TCP/IP protocol stack, that provides support for UDP, FTP and SMTP via AT commands. Equipped with Premium FOTA Management, the GE865-QUAD can receive over-the-air remote software updates. Additionally, since Telit owns and controls the firmware within its modules, any changes to underlying chipsets will have minimal impact on customers’ application designs. For more information about the GE865-QUAD, visit www.telit.com.

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