November 12, 2014

Nastek launches hybrid solution for data transmission anywhere on Earth

The Datalink G5 combines Telit GL865-QUAD and SL871 modules for a complete GSM, Wi-Fi, GPS (GPS, GLONASS, and QZSS – Beidou and Galileo enabled), RF, VHF, and Satellite (Iridium) technologies

São Paulo, 11 November 2014 – Nastek Tecnologia, a Brazilian company focusing on technology innovation, announced the launching of Datalink G5, a hi-tech and complete device for data transmission that combines GSM/Wi-Fi/GPS/VHF/Satellite technologies into a small, robust and IP67 device. The solution is cellular enabled by the GL865-QUAD module and combined with the positioning module Jupiter SL871, both from Telit Wireless Solutions, a global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) modules, services and solutions.

Datalink can be used anywhere, and it is particularly well suited for remote areas like the Amazonian jungle, rural areas, deserts, mountains and polar regions, thanks to its ability to send information simultaneously through GSM; VHF analog and/or digital radios, and Satellite  – guaranteeing that the data will be delivered. The device can even be connected to a solar cell to charge its internal 5000 mAh Li-ion battery. Datalink G5 is ultra-low power, consuming fewer than 230uA in sleep mode. It can be used as standalone equipment to collect data from field and send this information according defined rules.

The Nastek solution also has: a built in three-axis accelerometer which allows users to analyze movements or driving performance; built-in SD card for telemetry and route storage; dual SIM card to increase coverage, and built in alarm – making it the ultimate complete solution for any kind of telematics and telemetry application. This revolutionary device has eight Analog/Digital Inputs that can be used to read vehicle ignition and/or sensors, plus four digital outputs that can be used to telematics applications, and turn on and off alarms, among other applications. Datalink G5 can also be set up to create a Wi-Fi network, so PDAs, Tablet Pcs and Smartphones in field can connect to it and exchange text messages and service orders, anywhere on the planet.

Nastek is taking advantage of the seamless integration between Telit’s cellular modules and the Jupiter SL871. Bundling these cellular and positioning modules significantly reduces development complexity without adding costs. Multi-GNSS modules applied together with the company’s eCall / ERA-GLONASS compliant cellular modules can, for example, deliver ready-to-use emergency automotive tracking solutions for the European and Russian markets. Also, The SL871 can track GPS + Galileo and GLONASS (or GPS + Galileo and CompassBeidou depending on the SW onboard) constellations, while simultaneously providing the positioning data through standard UART. It features an ultra-sensitive RF frontend that enables multi-GNSS indoor fix, fast fix and navigation in challenging outdoor scenarios such as dense urban areas.

“The Datalink G5 hybrid solution can be easily set up to meet each customer’s specific demands. We’re convinced it is  a game changer for the data transmission, remote sensor monitoring and M2M market”, says Lauro Cruz, Nastek Director of Technology.  “Because of the Datalink G5 multiprocessor capabilities, it is possible to transmit data using one type of communication technology while at same time it searches signal for others. It automatically chooses the least expensive connection available at the moment”.

“The brilliance of this device is that it offers all the resources for any imaginable application”, says Ricardo Buranello, Vice President and General Manager of Telit Latin America. “Nastek is providing its customers a highly reliable device that can be used literally anywhere on the globe, no matter if it is a petroleum platform in the deep ocean, or a smart meter in your back garden”.

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