June 30, 2015

Internet of Things: Contecsul Launches Cellular Dialer for Security Systems

Company uses GL865-QUAD V3 from Telit in GSM Dialer to communicate events and security alerts to monitoring center

São Paulo, July 2, 2015 – Contecsul, a leader in the manufacture of electronic equipment for various industries, today announced that the GL865 QUAD V3 module from Telit, a global enabler of Internet of things (IoT), is to provide GSM connectivity to its DG-01 dialer enabling alarm systems to communicate  detected and suspect events, by voice-channel or SMS message.

The DG-01 Dialer has an easy to use interface and be used by any central alarm or security system. In addition, by using Telit cellular technology for projects in the area of Internet of Things, the Dialer transmits SMS messages and alerts through the mobile network (GSM), improving reliability and minimizing the possibility of fraud by criminals.

The DG-01 requires minimal configuration, taking numbers simply being stored in memory. The Contecsul solution can dial up to seven numbers from memory and has independent programming for panic alarms. Moreover, installation is easy and power requirements are low with current demand of only about 50mA.

“Old systems requiring a phone line to make the connection with the central monitoring station, were easily disabled since it only took cutting the line to disrupt communication,” says Paulo Freitas, CEO of Contecsul. “Our system uses the Internet of things through which messages and alerts are sent in real-time and wirelessly, which ensures greater reliability for the system.”

The GL865-QUAD V3 is a quad-band GSM|GPRS module from Telit’s xL865 family. Based on ultra recent 2G chipset from Intel, application of the module protects customers’ investments with long-term availability. This variant of the module uses VQFN packaging compatible with the LCC castellation of the original GL865, thus providing a direct replacement path for applications based on the popular GL865-QUAD

About Contecsul
Contecsul is a Brazilian company leader in the manufacture of electronic equipment for various industries. Contecsul operates in the business of manufacturing and maintenance of electronic boards, in addition to providing design services and equipment assembly.

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