August 24, 2015

ILS Technology Powers Belgacom M2M Factory Platform

deviceWISE M2M Platform licensed by the European mobile network operator is embedded carrier-operated application enablement solution, maintained by ILST
BOCA RATON, FL – October 24, 2013 – ILS Technology (ILST), a Telit company, today announced that its deviceWISE M2M Application Enablement Platform is embedded into the “Belgacom M2M Factory Platform,” launched earlier today. Belgacom, Belgium’s leading telecommunications services provider, will offer the ILST-licensed turnkey M2M solution to business customers looking to create and manage their own complete M2M applications.
The do-it-yourself deviceWISE M2M platform is easy to configure and deploy, letting businesses seamlessly connect and integrate remote assets with existing enterprise systems. The scalable and secure platform reduces risk, time-to-market, complexity and cost of commercializing complete M2M solutions for remote monitoring and control, industrial automation, asset tracking and field service operations across virtually all industries and market segments.
Under the deviceWISE licensing model for mobile network operators, ILST offers upfront customization and integration services and performs ongoing technical maintenance and support, letting forward-thinking operators focus on marketing and operating innovative revenue-generating M2M services under their own brand.
“In order to provide the best possible solutions for our customers, Belgacom selected ILS Technology as technology provider for the Belgacom m2m Factory Platform,” commented Jean-Michel Courtoy, Belgacom’s Vice President of Enterprise Business Unit Solutions. “The Do-It-Yourself deviceWISE M2M Application Enablement Platform enables our customers to configure and deploy their own innovative m2m applications – easily and rapidly without large software development efforts.”
“We congratulate Belgacom on the launch of its M2M Factory Platform, powered by deviceWISE,” said Fred Yentz, President and CEO of ILS Technology. “Belgacom is among the world’s most innovative operators early to recognize the value and convenience of licensing and integrating a trusted third party M2M Application Enablement Platform to offer new M2M services and generate new revenues.”
M2M services and applications “powered by deviceWISE” leverage the thriving deviceWISE ecosystem consisting of an ever-expanding network of recognized M2M experts and innovators across all steps of the M2M value chain. Network operators and their customers benefit from instant access to certified hardware and software, integration services and support, tailored solutions and applications; and turnkey commercial deployments, as needed.

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