June 6, 2014

Black Swan Technology and Telit Expand Cooperation into North American Market

Black Swan Technology’s "White Box/NS-700" based on Telit’s HE863 3G Module Family and Adopted by CGx Mountain, Leader in Mobile Asset Tracking and Logistics for Alpine Mountain Equipment, Set for North American Market Push

London, UK – January 30, 2013 – Telit Wireless Solutions, a leading global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) modules and value-added services and Black Swan Technology a Franco-Canadian developer and manufacturer of customized embedded electronic devices today announced collaboration to extend into North America the company’s success with Telit-based product "White Box/NS-700". The recent product announcement and selection by leading European solution provider for Alpine mountain equipment GCX Mountain have set the stage for a North American expansion for Black Swan Technology in 2013. The White Box/NS-700 is a multi-function automated vehicle location (AVL) device designed for high precision tracking in complex theaters of operation and difficult environments such as the European Alpine region.

In July 2012, CGx Mountain, European leader with over 60% market share in the mobile resource management and logistics solutions for Alpine environment announced its new generation of high-performance embedded terminals had been designed by Black Swan Technology based on the White Box. CGx Mountain commissioned the new terminal from Black Swan Technology to equip all off-road vehicle fleets in its client ski-resorts which include groomer (or grooming machine), snow-cats, safety & maintenance engines, trucks, snowmobiles, and other utility vehicles. The White Box/NS-700 was selected for its superior performance and reliability in harsh environmental conditions including high altitude and low temperatures; and in challenging coverage areas for originating and receiving cellular communications.

The White Box/NS-700 is a high performance, reliable and complete rugged AVL solution designed for professional vehicles needing to perform high-level OTA Data transfer in harsh environmental conditions and challenging coverage areas such as high altitude alpine facilities, forestry, mining, and oil industries. The Product is provided with an open-source SDK that it can be customized to include any communication protocol necessary to comply with existing back-end service and IT infrastructures.

It is equipped with 2 CAN bus ports compliant with the J1939 standard allowing direct access to real-time status data from the vehicle such as engine speed, fluid levels, and engine temperature. The second CAN bus port allows connection of other equipment such as tachograph, loaded weight measuring systems, and sensors. Two USB ports are available. One allows "transparent modem" operation; the second can be used to connect the product to a PC or other types of devices such as printers, or remote screen. The positioning system is based on differential GPS or D-GPS able to resolve positions within 1m even at high altitudes. In addition to the dual-USB the White Box/NS-700 can communicate wirelessly to near field devices via integrated Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections or wired via RS-485.

Telit’s HE863 HSPA module family integrated in the White Box is comprised of variants in three band-combinations for Australian, European, and North American markets. Modules in this family are capable of data rates of 7.2Mbps HSDPA Cat-8 and 5.8 Mbps HSUPA Cat-6 with fall back to quad-band EDGE, GSM/GPRS for ensured connectivity in poor 3G coverage areas. The HE863 family features a compact Ball Grid Array (BGA) package measuring 31.4 x 41.4 x 3 mm and an extended operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, making it the perfect platform for harsh-environment mobile applications such as the White Box.

"The White Box is a truly accomplished AVL solution for the most challenging environments," said Mike Ueland, senior vice president and general manager of Telit Wireless Solutions North America. "Black Swan Technology can now benefit from Telit’s deep experience in telematics and our commitment to supplying embedded modules that can operate in difficult environmental conditions."

"With the great success represented by GCx Mountain’s selection of the White Box as its mobile platform for all their services, and Telit’s technical and logistical support, we are bound to see substantial growth particularly in North America where we are seeing a rise in demand for high-end AVL solutions which like the White Box can deliver mobile asset information precisely and reliably," said Gael Ollard, president and CEO of Black Swan Technology.

Industry’s only pure-play m2m, Telit creates value by partnering with customers to provide expert guidance and support from concept development through to manufacturing quickly bringing ideas to market in all application areas including the new "smart" space. With service enhanced products in cellular, short-range, and satellite-navigation easily bundled through high-level software interfaces, Telit-powered m2m devices cost less to integrate, maintain, operate, and update with lower price points for bundled products and savings translating into competitive advantage at the time of sale and throughout the operating life of the customer device.

About Black Swan Technology

Black Swan Technology is a Franco-Canadian Developer & Manufacturer specialized in customized embedded electronic devices; Black Swan Technology has decided to give customers the confidence to excel in a complex M2M environment through the foundations of expertise, security, simplicity, reliability and partnership. Black Swan Technology’s products and services allow machines, itinerant heavy material, off-road vehicles and other assets to securely communicate over customized embedded material helping organizations and professionals, optimize their operations, increase performances and establish new business models. Offering unique competences and expertise in remote Telematics, wireless data acquisition/routing material and M2M modules with personalized solutions, Black Swan Technology is a valued partner for Off-road professional vehicle manufacturers, Integrators, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), and end-users. Black Swan Technology works internationally for diverse vertical markets including: automotive, real time tracking and tracing, industrial mobile computing, metering, payment systems, healthcare, medical, military, transportation, security systems, routers and gateways, remote maintenance & control and more. Black Swan Technology is part of the Suivez-Nous/Microcreek Inc. Group, Canadian leader in Mobile devices and Industrial computers manufacturing with over 3 offices and 2 Research & Development centers in 2 continents.

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