MICROEJ VEE Flagship Software Container

Available with Telit Cinterion Modules

MICROEJ VEE flagship software container with Telit Cinterion module.

MICROEJ Virtual Execution Environment (VEE) flagship software container is now available for Telit Cinterion’s IoT modules. It enables high-level software development on the module’s application processor, eliminating the need for an external processor.

It leverages our modules’ high-value features and enablement components and streamlines IoT development thanks to digital twins. In addition, MICROEJ VEE facilitates application reuse and accelerates time to revenue.

This solution works well for markets such as:

MICROEJ VEE Streamlines IoT Development at Scale

MICROEJ VEE integrates seamlessly, providing add-on and foundation libraries to simplify development.MicroEJ Integration of IoT AppZone, Powered by Telit Cinterion

MicroEJ complements the IoT AppZone and enables application development with higher-level language. Applications run on an optimized and secure standard software container with complete hardware and software abstraction, leveraging available software skills.

Advanced development teams can distribute functions across layers. They can use the Telit Cinterion software development kit (SDK) to develop BSP functions and drivers in C/C++ while using MicroEJ to create the application.


Integrated with OneEdge™, Powered by Telit Cinterion

OneEdge IoT deployment and management solution launches and installs software apps developed with MicroEJ through Lightweight M2M (LwM2M).

Zero-touch onboarding is easy to use. It guarantees end-to-end security and redefines product and solution design, deployment and life cycle management.

Upon activation, your devices can register on the module network and connect to the cloud. You gain immediate value from your data.



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A Secure Software Container Dedicated to Embedded Systems

MICROEJ VEE embeds a 32-bit virtual processor (MEJ32), a smart memory usage optimizer and a wide range of libraries.

It runs on any OS/RTOS commonly used in embedded systems and can also run without RTOS (bare-metal) or proprietary RTOS.

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A Full Set of Tools and Libraries for Device Software Development

MICROEJ SDK includes powerful tools and libraries built on Eclipse to create custom virtual execution environments or Java/C applications.

It includes powerful compilers, debuggers and an advanced code editor to create device simulators and develop, debug and profile embedded software.

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Dr. Fred Rivard

CEO, MicroEJ

“Telit Cinterion and MicroEJ help customers coming from a non-embedded world to remove the learning curve of cellular IoT development. Developers from other environments will find higher quality, security and support programming languages and tools. They will also see reduced dependencies from underlying hardware architectures, thus simplifying code portability.”

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