Sub-1GHz - LE50-433/868



Low-power wireless modules for license-free 433/868 MHz networks

The Telit family of LE50 Sub-1GHz modules operates in the 433 MHz and 868 MHz ISM license free frequency bands with Tx power up to 25mW. They organize in a Star Network topology over a Telit proprietary protocol ideal for use in replacing communication over cables such as RS485 links (Profibus, Modbus) and half-duplex RS232 links (transparent mode) with wireless technology.

Comprised of multi-band, multi-channel radio modules operating on an advanced proprietary embedded stack, the LE50 family is easy to integrate and use in point-to-point or star network topologies. Easy to integrate and a compact 26 x 15 x 2 mm common form factor makes this a cost-effective, reliable solution for a wide variety of low power dependent applications.


Key Features: LE50 Family

  • Up to 2000m range
  • CE certified
  • Secure, AES 128 encryption option

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