Connect and Manage to Scale IoT

Connectivity Plans

Telit provides global IoT data plans, IoT connectivity management tools, SIM cards, embedded SIM and value-added services. Telit’s IoT connectivity services are designed to optimize your cost throughout the life cycle of your deployment.

Software and Platforms

Telit IoT software and platforms offer turnkey solutions for connectivity and device management, application enablement, mission-critical performance and secure, remote access to OEM machines and semiconductor equipment. Our software and platforms make it easy to connect your devices to the cloud so you can monetize your IoT deployment and collect, manage and analyze your machine data.


Telit offers the broadest portfolio of secure, global, wireless IoT modules in the industry. Our certified cellular, ultralow-power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and GNSS/GPS timing and positioning modules can be used to standalone or combine them into solutions.

Telit leads IoT innovation with over 20 years of experience, 550 module types and nearly 20 industry awards in three years.

Telit is a pioneer and leading enabler of global Internet of Things (IoT). We offer products and services for companies of any size that rely on mission-critical connectivity, security, scalability and enterprise-grade performance.

Telit secure modules, IoT connectivity plans, and software and platforms enable end-to-end IoT deployments. These solutions can be used separately or bundled together as an integrated solution to reduce complexity, risk, time-to-market and cost.

We’re the best at delivering business results for our customers.

Telit is known for solving the most complex IoT solution design, building and execution challenges with over 20 years of unmatched expertise in IoT modules, connectivity services, and software and platforms.

Enabling End-to-End IoT Solutions for Every Industry


Connected Healthcare

Telit’s IoT modules, connectivity plans, and software and platforms can improve health outcomes and reduce costs for IoT-enabled connected healthcare solutions.


IoT for Retail

Telit empowers retail businesses to provide next-level customer experience and gain valuable insights into trends, conditions and supplies with products and services for IoT retail solutions.


IoT for Agriculture

Telit’s modules, connectivity plans, and software and platforms enable smart agriculture solutions that help farmers make better, more informed decisions that drive farm productivity.

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