Telit Industrial IoT (IIoT)

Learn how to create your own IoT solution


Are you looking to digitize and automate your company by:

  • Vendor Neutral Asset Integration (Connect and Collect)
  • Vendor Neutral IT Integration (IBM/SAP/MS or CLOUD)
  • Save Time and Money - Deployment Life Cycle Management / Device Management
  • Secure / Managed Remote Access and Remediation
  • Telit’s secure IOT offering
  • Gaining an edge over your competitors
  • Do you have new and old assets that you need to get real-time data from for mission critical decision-making and analytical purposes like OEE or preventive maintenance?

Do you need to optimize your operations throughout your organization?

The Telit Industrial IoT course will teach you how to collect any process data and deliver it in the required format for your systems. This enables you to make real-time decisions easier and more effectively. Telit provides new options and features to seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure to maximize efficiency and increase machine utilization and easily integrate to IT vendor e.g. IBM, SAP, or Microsoft. In this course you will gain an understanding of how to connect almost any asset to any enterprise system by using Telit products without programming skills.



Enterprise IoT deployment in a factory, PLCs, MODBUS, device drivers, and administration are just a few of the topics covered.

Target Audience:

Technical personnel that are tasked with installing, configuring or maintaining an IoT implementation.

Suggested Skillset:

Participants should be familiar and have basic knowledge of PLC Industrial communications concepts, TCP/IP, Serial, Ethernet/IP, etc. and a basic understanding of database technology and its concepts.

Telit IoT University

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