USB Drivers and Tools

Below are the USB drivers and tools that can be used with Telit cellular modules and development kits.


Windows Drivers

Win 8 or Older – Telit_Windows_Desktop_Drivers_Installer_1.13.0000

Win 10 – TC_Windows_10_WHQL_Drivers_Installer_2.20.0001

Win 11 – TC_Windows_11_WHQL_Drivers_Installer_11.02.0001

Win 11 WHQL Drivers Installer User Guide – Telit_Windows_11_WHQL_Drivers_Installer_User_Guide_r3

WHQL Drivers Installer User Guide – Telit_WHQL_Drivers_Installer_User_Guide_r20


Linux Drivers

Linux USB Drivers User Guide  – Telit_Modules_Linux_USB_Drivers_User_Guide_r17



XFP  – Telit_XFP_4.2.10

TMB Setup – Telit_TMB_Setup_2.7.1

Connections Manager Setup – Telit_Connection_Manager_Setup_1.5.0

AT Controller for Windows – Telit_AT_Controller_4.2.1_XFP_4.2.10


Telit IoT AppZone

IoT AppZone Developer Resources

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