AIM Rule 26

The information on this page is being disclosed for the purposes of AIM Rule 26.

A description of Telit’s business can be found here.

Telit Communications Plc was incorporated in England and the group’s main areas of operation are located in EMEA, North and South America and APAC.

Total number of AIM securities in issue as at 26 January 2021 is: 134,389,782 ordinary shares of 1 penny each.

Therefore, the total number of shares which hold voting rights in the Company is 134,389,782 ordinary shares of 1 penny each.

The percentage of AIM securities which are in issue and are not in public hands: 42.3%

Significant shareholders (3% and more) as at 9 February 2021:


No. of Shares


DBAY Advisors Limited
34,970,165 26.02%
Run Liang Tai Management Limited
19,888,505 14.99%
Oozi Cats
17,184,437 12.95%
Davide Renato Ugo Serra
9,166,533 6.91%
Richard Griffiths and controlled undertakings *
8,332,959 6.26%
*Richard Griffiths also holds CFDs representing a further 1.76% of the Company.

Disclosure pertaining to AIM Rule 26 as to the transferability of the Company's shares.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of AIM securities.

Articles of Association

Memorandum of Association

AIM Admission Document

Telit’s annual accounts for the last three years including half-yearly reports published since the last annual accounts can be found at financial statements.

Notifications made by Telit in the past 12 months can be found at investor news and regulatory filings.

All notices communicated to shareholders in the last 12 months can be found at shareholders' meetings page.

The names of Telit's directors and brief biographical details of each, including membership in Telit Board Committees and responsibilities, can be found here.

AIM Rule 26 Information on Corporate Governance

Telit became subject to the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers starting on 30 September 2013

Details of Telit’s nominated adviser and other key advisers can be found here.

Terms of Reference of Committees

Renumeration Committee

Audit Committee

Nomination Committee