Upcoming Telit Webinars

How End-to-End IoT Connectivity Enables Smart Agriculture Solutions

Date & Time: Thursday, March 25, 2021 11:00 AM ET/5:00PM CET
Speakers:  Iris Harel, Account Executive, Amdocs
Craig Watson, Head of IIoT Solutions & CI Systems Engineering Manager, RAD
Adrienne Clark, Customer Success Manager, Telit
John Keever, CTO, Telit

How to Achieve Optimal Productivity by Integrating Factory Equipment Data with AWS

Date & Time: Monday, March 29, 2021 11:00 AM EDT/5:00PM CEST
Speakers: Bill Dykas, Product Manager - IoT Platforms, Telit
Pugal Janakiraman,
WW Business Development Lead, Industrial IoT, AWS

What's the status of 5G globally? Spectrum, deployments and customer trends

Date & Time: Wednesday, March 31 11:00AM ET/5:00PM CET
Speakers: Catherine Sbeglia, Editor, RCR Wireless News
Marco Contento, VP 5G Technologies, Telit
Adam Smith, Director of Marketing, LitePoint
Adam Gould, Sr. Vice President PM, Inseego

How Cellular IoT Drives Smarter Solutions and Greater Productivity

Date & Time: Thursday, April 22, 2021 11:00 AM ET/5:00PM CET
Speakers:  Omer Raviv | Senior Technical Specialist - IoT, Telit
David Ezer |
CEO, Gatetel

Telit Webinar Replay

Mid-Large IoT Deployments: Tools You Need to Guarantee Success

Organizations that manage IoT deployments for large enterprises may notice an immediate escalation of complexity when scaling from mid-size to large or massive and global. In this webinar, Telit experts will discuss common challenges companies encounter when they scale and creative ways to solve them.

Speakers: Omer Raviv: EMEA IoT Cloud Architect, Telit | Martino Turcato: Product Manager, SW & OneEdge. Telit | Jim Wert: CTO, Telit


Video Panel Discussion: What You Need to Know About LTE Carrier Aggregation

Peak uplink speeds are becoming essential for enabling Gigabit LTE use cases, such as telehealth, first responders, e-education and SD-WAN. Carrier aggregation (CA) is a crucial technology for achieving gigabit speeds and the high-speed uplink needed by these use cases. Listen as experts discuss why upload performance is becoming vital for mobile broadband applications; the differences between interband and intraband CA and why they’re critical for U.S. MNOs; and how to take advantage of upload throughput in IoT device design.

Panel: Marco Stracuzzi: Head of Product Marketing, Telit | Safi Khan: Regional Product Marketing Director, Telit | Roberto Pagano: Cellular Product Manager, Telit

Leverage the IoT Edge with Big-Data Analytic Integration

In this webinar, Telit expert and Chief Technology Officer Jim Wert will explain how to insource data and transfer it to big-data analytic platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Learn which tools you need and how to use them to secure and deploy a simple use-case model of predictive maintenance on Telit's OneEdge, as well as how you can scale as needed and easily manage devices from a centralized interface.

Speaker: Jim Wert: CTO, Telit


Pandemic Disaster Recovery: COVID-19 IIoT Use Cases

It is possible to have a secured VPN connection between fabrication plants (fabs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), but it’s complicated for both. Each connection represents a risk that must be watched. How do you monitor and secure each connection from your living room during a pandemic? This webinar walks through COVID-19 use cases and how tools like Telit secureWISE® can keep businesses secure when remote working becomes the “new normal.”

Speakers: Fred Yentz: President of Strategic Partnerships, Telit | Stuart Perry: VP Engineering secureWISE, Telit


deviceWISE® for Factory: Customer Use Case Demonstration

Join us for a live event that will review deviceWISE for Factory customer use cases. Learn how deviceWISE solves real customer problems associated with asset monitoring, location tracking and retrieving real-time data.

Speakers: Ricardo Buranello: VP IoT Factory Solutions, Telit | David DeLaRosa: VP deviceWISE Industry 4.0, Telit


Disrupting Industrial IoT through Edge Intelligence

In this webinar, Telit and Dell Technologies will discuss how the right edge technology solutions can enable additions to an enterprise’s existing machines and operations. These tools allow process and sensory data to be collected without making modifications to existing processes or capital equipment while reducing risk and speeding implementation time.

Speakers: Fred Yentz: President of Strategic Partnerships, Telit | Todd Edmunds: Director of Industrial IoT and Edge Strategy, Dell Technologies


How to Maximize Uplink Performance Benefits in Gigabit LTE

Gigabit LTE networks are hyped for their peak downlink speeds, but what about uplink speeds? They are becoming essential in enabling new use cases for 4G LTE networks, including SD-WAN and enterprise branch networking and edge-originated video streaming for advanced telehealth and emergency management operations. Join this webinar to learn more about raising the bar on uplink in Gigabit LTE modules using interband carrier aggregation.

Speaker: Safi Khan: Regional Product Marketing Director, Telit | Donna Johnson: VP of Product and Solution Marketing, Cradlepoint


Overcoming Connectivity Challenges for Cellular IoT Applications

Global IoT deployments often increase in complexity as they scale. Organizations must find the best way to administer devices on several networks. Learn how to create a strategic connectivity plan to scale your IoT deployment, including how to mitigate issues arising from working with multiple MNOs, dealing with numerous contracts and complex data plan structures, and how to maintain end-to-end security across a geographically dispersed deployment.

Speakers: Adam Cousin: Technical Business Development Manager, Telit | Scott Ellis: VP Connectivity Sales Americas, Telit


Telit Security: Secure Device Onboarding in IoT Deployments

While IoT applications offer many benefits, they also come with increased security risks. Each device added to the network represents a potentially vulnerable endpoint. This two-part webinar series will cover the best practices of onboarding IoT devices at scale. Enterprises must start with a well-designed, secure device onboarding process but must continue evaluating the process to neutralize emerging cyber threats.

Speakers: Dr. Mihai Voicu: VP IoT Services R&D and Security Technologies, Telit | Martino Tucato: Product Manager, SW & OneEdge, Telit


Telit Security: Secure Device Onboarding in IoT Deployments Part II

While IoT applications offer many benefits, they also come with increased security risks. Each device added to the network represents a potentially vulnerable endpoint. Enterprises must start with a well-designed, secure device onboarding process but must continue evaluating the process to neutralize emerging cyber threats.

In part two, watch an actual step-by-step onboarding of a typical IoT use case. We will apply the critical tactics of a robust security strategy and review tools and resources available for users.

Speakers: Dr. Mihai Voicu: VP IoT Services R&D and Security Technologies, Telit | Martino Tucato: Product Manager, SW & OneEdge, Telit

Global First Responders: FirstNet, ESN, Elsight and the COVID-19 Implications on IoT

Listen to experts from FirstNet, Built with AT&T and the UK’s Emergency Services Network discuss their perspectives and experiences on well-designed, mission-critical solutions, including the importance of the underlying advanced technical features driving them and the case for strict certification requirements and how to navigate these processes. Elsight COO Yoav Amitai will also be joining to show how their Halo platform, powered by Elsight technology, enables medical teams on the move or on the ground to communicate with command centers in real time.

Speakers: Ken Bednasz: VP AE IoT Modules, America,  Telit | Brandon Gallion: Associate Director Product Marketing, FirstNet Program, AT&T | Jeremy Kemp: Technical Lead, Devices, ESMCP, ESN | Yoav Amitai: COO, elsight


Managing Your Global IoT Devices and Connections at Scale

IoT is transforming enterprise systems and networks by enabling countless devices to be integrated despite where and how they are connected. Onboarding and maintenance of remote devices are possible through two types of management functions: device management and connection management. In this webinar, technology experts and system designers take a deep-dive into the essential aspects of accomplishing device management and connection management at scale and for deployments spanning the globe.

Speakers: Bill Dykas: Product Manager, IoT Platforms, Telit | Chris Trowbridge: Manager, Software Engineering, Embedded Planet | Jerry Moffett: Director of Sales and Marketing, Embedded Planet

Why OnGo Dedicated Cellular CBRS Networks are a Game Changer for Commercial and Industrial Enterprises

The growing number of connected wireless devices is driving new requirements for different industries that traditional public mobile cannot address. Many organizations are addressing these escalating requirements by turning to private LTE, a dedicated wireless network separate from the wide-area macro mobile network. Join us to understand how to create a strategic plan to scale your IoT deployment., and hear from our partner, MultiTech Systems, to learn more about CBRS use cases across multiple verticals and the factors driving enterprises to deploy their own OnGo networks in the CBRS band.

Speakers: Safi Khan: Regional Product Marketing Director, Telit | Daniel Quant: Vice President of Strategic Development, MultiTech Systems

How IIoT Can Optimize Production and Leverage Financial Results

What could you do with an extra 104.1 seconds per cycle? What if you could identify failures 10.5 hours in advance? What if you could identify inefficiencies 85% faster? Envision identified more than 100 opportunities for optimization in a major automotive manufacturer’s assembly line and identified a potential 46.25 reduction in total cycle time. Dive into how Envision’s preventative analysis capabilities gave CNC machine operators warning of an impending spindle breakdown. Join Telit to learn about the capabilities of Beet’s Envision software and how it utilizes Telit deviceWISE® for optimal machine connectivity.

Speakers: Ricardo Buranello: Telit | David Wang: BEET

Telehealth: How COVID-19 Is Changing IoT-Connected Healthcare

The COVID-19 global health crisis has become an engine of change for the healthcare sector. Forrester Research has recently noted that this industry will become a priority for IoT service providers once the crisis abates. Analysts believe COVID-19 has sharpened the focus on healthcare innovation and will expand IoT adoption across the sector.

Join us to explore an idea-to-market product journey for a pioneering connected healthcare device and service provider. Review what components and services are enabling innovation in connected healthcare. Topics will include:

  • The architecture of a connected healthcare device solution.
  • Improving sector-wide resilience with IoT.
  • The critical role of remote provisioning for connected healthcare devices.
  • Security must-haves for connected devices and telehealth.

Speakers: Jeff Clemow: Telit | Scott Ellis: Telit | Francesco Cannone: Alpha Pharma

The Ultimate How-To Guide for Managing IoT Devices for Scale

Are you evaluating or implementing IoT applications on the Microsoft Azure platform?

Is getting your systems and applications to gather data from your IoT devices a challenge?

Join us as Telit and Embedded Planet explore solutions to ease the complexities of application data transfer.

Attendees will learn about:

  • The security and benefits of zero-touch onboarding.
  • Contrasts between data management and device management.
  • Secure and lightweight protocols for application data.
  • Transferring data to Azure without custom firmware development on the edge device.

Speakers: Bill Dykas: Telit | Chris Trowbridge: Embedded Planet | Tom Patton: Microsoft Azure

Understanding the Results of the FCC's CBRS PAL Auction

As part of its 5G FAST plan, the FCC’s Auction 105 for CBRS band Priority Access Licenses (PALs) was met with unanticipated success. Auction 105 made available the highest number of spectrum licenses ever in a single auction. It raised $4,543,232,339 in net bids, with 228 bidders winning 20,625 licenses out of 22,631. The sale of these 70-MHz spectrum licenses is expected to further 5G deployment, IoT and other advanced spectrum-based services in the U.S.?

In this webinar, our panel of experts and analysts will examine winners, plans and outlooks for the band’s application. CBRS is the first large-scale experiment on the concept of spectrum sharing and one being watched with great interest after the auction’s unexpected results. Join us to learn more about this and understand the impact CBRS may have on enterprise markets

Speakers: Safi Khan: Regional Product Marketing Director, Telit | Nick Taluja: Vice President, Head of Sales and Field Operations, Sequans | Dave Wright: President, CBRS Alliance

Enabling Utilities' Next Generation of Small, Low-Power Cellular Devices

IoT has enabled utilities to be flexible and resilient, with remote monitoring and working from home. Low-power wide-area (LPWA) cellular modules that can operate on batteries for 10 years or longer can allow grid devices to enhance grid security, resilience and manageability to prepare for future crises. Utilities can now leverage sub-300-square-millimeter class low-power communication modules to enable next-generation sensors, detectors, actuators and even meters that haven’t been feasible before.

Join us for this webinar to learn:

  • Telit’s IoT-as-a-service concept leverages new miniature, low-power modules
  • How AT&T’s FirstNet would work for utilities in emergencies
  • What the next generation of devices is bringing to the utility sector

Speakers: Marco Stracuzzi: Head of Product Marketing, Telit | Steve Lowe: Sales Practice Lead - IoT Utility Grid Modernization, AT&T

How IIoT is Disrupting the Automotive Industry

IoT is the most transformative technology of the decade, but ensuring reliable, secure data collection with remote access can be difficult. Moreover, when you're trying to manage your devices and apps for your industrial IoT solution, writing custom code to solve all the challenges you face is complicated, time-consuming and costly. You need a platform that helps all your devices and apps communicate and scale your business from pilot project to enterprise with ease.

Join Telit and American Axle to learn how you can:

  • Build your IIoT solution around your existing machines.
  • Connect multiple facilities for comparison and use a standard data model across your enterprise
  • Get all your devices and applications to communicate efficiently
  • Streamline global and remote system maintenance
  • Eliminate conversion risks with a future-proof installation

Speaker: Ricardo Buranello: Head of Platforms Business Unit, Telit | Ken Lively: Lead Systems Engineer, American Axle

5G in the Factory: How 5G IoT at the Edge can Elevate Your Manufacturing Business Strategy

5G has already brought faster speeds and lower latency to the factory, allowing factory workers to leverage new technology, such as augmented and virtual reality, automation, and wearables, on the floor. As COVID-19 changes the manufacturing landscape with new challenges in agility and efficiency with limited personnel, 5G holds the potential for factories to switch to a more secure, remote approach and drive more business opportunities than before.

In this webinar, Telit and HMS networks will explore the opportunities that 5G offers with IoT edge technology for factories. You will learn:

  • How to optimize 5G for your business strategies.
  • How to remove barriers to 5G implementation on the factory floor.
  • The implications of your deployment options.
  • How 5G will help you pivot with changes in the 5G value chain.

Speakers: Marco Contento: VP 5G Technologies, Telit  | Jens Jakobsen: R&D Manager, HMS Networks

Wi-Fi, Public 5G or Private Network: What's an enterprise to do?

With advances in Wi-Fi and cellular technology running parallel to each other, enterprises are encountering more and more options when it comes to building a network. As network architecture and topology becomes more flexible, many enterprises are left wondering what the best solution to meet their specific needs might be.

This webinar takes a look at the things an enterprise should consider when debating the implementation of Wi-Fi, public 5G, a private network or a combination of all three.

Speaker:  Cat Sbeglia, Technology Editor, RCR Wireless News | Stephane Daeuble, Head of Marketing - Enterprise Solutions, Nokia | Safi Khan, Regional Product Marketing Director, Telit

The Year of the Massive IoT Revolution

Speakers:  Ryan Chacon, Head of Business Development & Podcast Host, IoT For All | Henrik Dahlgren, Head of IoT Ecosystem & Partnerships, Ericsson | Jeff Clemow, VP Strategic and Channel Sales, Telit | Andrew Reiter, Product Manager, Digi | Dennis Kish, COO, Taoglas

5G Applications and Use Cases: What Enterprises Can Do to Prepare for a 5G Future

Speakers:  Marco Contento, VP 5G Technologies, Telit
Joe Braga
, Head of Regional Marketing, Telit

How to Manage the Transition from 2G/3G to LTE Cat-M and NB-IoT

Speakers:  Brian Garrepy, Regional Sales Manager, Telit
Joe Fahrney
, Regional Sales Specialist - Southeast, Telit
Geoffrey Smith
, Regional Sales Manager, Telit

CES 2021 | Edge Compute in Health/Wellness

Speakers:  Scott Ellis, VP Connectivity, Telit
Bryan Lubel, EVP, Connected Health, KORE
Scott Schwalbe, CEO/CO-Founder, NimbeLink
Jonathan Weiss, VP Emerging Technologies, Software AG

Solving Edge Communication Challenges

Speakers:  Bill Dykas, Product Manager, Telit

What You Need to Know about Winning the IoT Cybersecurity War

Speakers:  Dr. Mihai Voicu, VP IoT Services R&D & Security Technologies, Telit
Martino Turcato,
Head of Software, Telit
Natali Tshuva,
Co-Founder & CEO, Sternum
Tal Granot,
Head of On-Device Solutions, Sternum

Connected Healthcare: How IoT Technology is Driving Improvements for Patient Health Outcomes

Speakers:  Jeff Clemow, VP Strategic and Channel Sales, Telit
Scott Ellis
, VP Connectivity, Telit
Robin Duke-Woolley
, CEO, Beecham Research