A Guide to Private LTE and 5G for Industrial IoT

The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) comprises sensors and devices that gather and analyze data from industrial machines. While IIoT and IoT devices are similar, their use cases vary significantly. 

IoT applications are used in business and consumer settings. IIoT, on the other hand, is not consumer-oriented but tailored for industries with stricter performance requirements. IIoT technologies connect machines across verticals, including: 

How IIoT Systems Use Private LTE and 5G to Address Manufacturing Concerns

IIoT offers many benefits, such as digitally transforming factories into smart factories and integrating OT and IT. Having reliable connectivity and machine communication is critical for factory environments, which are often noisy and expansive. 

Private networks (i.e., private LTE and 5G) are critical for these connections and offer security for IIoT applications. This technology is resolving connectivity challenges and shaping the future of industrial operations. 

3 Pillars of Industrial IoT

There are three pillars of industrial IoT: 

Private networking technologies enable these pillars and the two fundamental aspects of IIoT: cloud connectivity and real-time access. With the ability to analyze real-time sensor data, manufacturers can leverage advanced warnings and improved automation. This data also enhances decision-making, which can lead to benefits like: 

  • Increased revenue opportunities 
  • Enhanced operational efficiency 
  • Reduced waste 

Key Takeaways

Watch this webinar to explore the world of industrial IoT and the differences that separate it from regular IoT. We’ll discuss its applications and benefits across enterprise-grade industries. You will discover how to leverage IIoT and private networking technologies to gain reliable connectivity and performance. 

You will learn: 

  • What industrial IoT is and the advantages it offers 
  • Why having high-performing IIoT connectivity is critical to industrial productivity 
  • The benefits of private LTE and 5G and what makes these technologies ideal for your IIoT environment