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How to Protect Assets with IoT-Enabled Telematics 

Asset tracking is integral to an Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled telematics solution. It provides complete visibility of assets while tracking and monitoring their conditions to improve safety in transit. 

IoT telematics and asset tracking help fleet operators and managers improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness for their operations. They can prevent losses due to spoilage and theft, impacting the costs of goods and services.  

IoT Telematics Adoption Drivers 

The driving forces behind the adoption of IoT-enabled telematics include: 

  • The need for increased fleet utilization 
  • The rise of new mobility services 
  • The electric vehicle (EV) trend in the automotive sector 

In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the demand for digital business models. This demand influenced the increase of IoT telematics technology in the rental and leasing industries. 

Customers can leverage Telit Cinterion’s robust IoT modules and connectivity to enable the applications of these systems, including:  

  • Commercial fleet management 
  • Marine boat anti-theft and tracking  
  • Loss and theft security for big-box retailers  
  • Container security theft deterrents  
  • Trailer tracking

Key Takeaways 

Join Telit Cinterion and CalAmp to review telematics device use cases, sharing valuable insights and real-world applications. This webinar provides an overview of the industries served, highlighting telematics’ role in securely monitoring every vehicle and asset. 

This discussion dives into aftermarket car telematics solutions, focusing on CalAmp’s devices powered by Telit Cinterion’s IoT enablement technology. You will learn about the telematics landscape and how IoT-enabled solutions are changing fleet management. 

You will explore:  

  • The benefits of telematics and how these systems provide visibility for assets and goods, from location to environmental conditions  
  • What you need to know to choose the right IoT modules and connectivity services for telematics asset tracking deployments  
  • Telematics and tracking system architecture and their four main segments: vehicle, network, GNSS and service 
  • The importance of global roaming capabilities empowered by global SIM cards and reliable connectivity for your IoT telematics solution  
  • How these solutions contribute to reducing operational costs and insurance premiums