How the GSMA SGP.32 Specification for eSIMs Is Powering IoT

Connectivity and adaptability are paramount for the Internet of Things (IoT). The GSMA created the groundbreaking SGP.32 technical specification for eSIM remote provisioning.  

The GSMA tailored the SGP.32 specification for constrained IoT devices with limited bandwidth, energy or processing power. It also addresses these challenges and eliminates hindrances to eSIM technology adoption in IoT

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This eSIM IoT standard combines the best of two IoT worlds:  

  • The simplicity of the consumer approach (e.g., wearables) 
  • The large-scale machine-to-machine (M2M) approach (e.g., fleet management) 

The SGP.32 specification provides the basis for global interoperability for IoT deployments.  

The Benefits of GSMA SGP.32 for IoT Vendors

The GSMA SGP.32 creates opportunities for IoT vendors to optimize their services, including: 

  • Optimized stock-keeping unit (SKU) management 
  • Better connectivity resilience and coverage 
  • Fewer on-site maintenance trips 
  • Long-term business continuity and cost-efficiency 

IoT stakeholders can leverage this standard to navigate constrained devices and streamline operations easily. 

One key advantage of adopting GSMA SGP.32 is how it complements managed connectivity offerings. When combined with multi-IMSI approaches, it offers enhanced flexibility and adaptability to the IoT ecosystem. This standard can also be a stand-alone tool to simplify IoT device life cycles, from manufacturing to installation.  

Key Takeaways

Join us for a webinar to delve into the intricacies of GSMA SGP.32. Our experts will explore its potential and guide you toward unlocking new possibilities. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of its technology and applications. We will show you how this specification overcomes obstacles posed by network and user interface constraints. 

Attendees will learn: 

  • The technical specifications and features that make this specification a game-changer in eSIM remote provisioning for IoT 
  • The benefits of adoption and how embracing GSMA SGP.32 translates into tangible advantages 
  • How this specification complements multi-IMSI approaches and offers seamless integration with managed connectivity solutions  
  • The stand-alone applications of GSMA SGP.32 and its role in simplifying processes for IoT vendors