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Elevating Smarter Supply Chain Management with IoT Solutions 

Effective supply chain management requires visibility from production to consumer. Moreover, global supply chains must track goods to maintain their integrity, protect company brands and manage inventory flow.

Standards like good distribution practice (GDP) in Europe are part of the quality assurance that ensures control of pharmaceuticals throughout the global supply chain. Likewise, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in the U.S. provides rules for record keeping, such as the Food Traceability List (FTL) and Critical Tracking Events (CTE).

Managing the supply chain with Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled asset tracking can ensure:

  • Timely goods delivery
  • Safety and regulatory compliance, especially for perishables (e.g., food, medicine and seed)
  • Efficiency to prevent waste and avoid shortages
  • Cargo theft and loss mitigation and recovery

IoT for supply chain management empowers manufacturers and distributors with real-time data to monitor goods in transit. Smart supply chain solutions enable alerts regarding temperature and other conditions to protect consumers and maintain product quality.

Join 7P Solutions and us for a webinar to explore IoT supply chain management. We will discuss IoT’s benefits for this sector and what it can do for your supply chain.

Watch the video to learn:

  • How smart supply chain management can enhance the visibility and security of supply chains
  • How cellular LPWA, 5G and IoT connectivity enable complete supply chain control
  • The importance of IoT asset tracking for supply chains and the insights it offers