Connected Machines: Smarter Performance in Manufacturing

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connected machine solutions can simplify operations to increase flexibility and hasten IIoT deployments. They are transforming the manufacturing industry with the benefits of remote connectivity, including: 

  • Turning machines into profit centers through digital transformation 
  • Eliminating costly engineer travels with remote access to equipment and applications 
  • Real-time data collection 
  • Product life cycle management and support for suppliers and dealers 

The IoT system management tools and services needed for connected machines include:  

  • Simplified end-to-end monitoring  
  • Machine and connectivity management 
  • Real-time data orchestration  
  • Digital twin capabilities 
  • Secure remote access 
  • Edge software and enterprise integration 

    Join us to explore the world of IIoT-enabled connected machines. We’ll explore use cases from major companies and how to utilize connected machines to drive new revenue services.  

    Attendees will learn: 

    • The difference between connected machines and connected factories 
    • How connected machines enable digital transformation for enterprises 
    • How to manage product life cycles, remote equipment and applications 
    • The importance of data visualization in IIoT deployments 
    • How to create and manage connected machine solutions from one dashboard