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5 Considerations for IoT-Enabled Security and Surveillance Services

Security and surveillance services have become essential for organizations and individuals worldwide. As more businesses and consumers adopt IoT technology, connected security systems are on the rise and include: 

  • Security cameras 
  • Movement detectors 
  • Access management stations

However, IoT enablement for security and surveillance systems comes with several challenges. There are myriad choices for IoT technology — how do you select the best one for your application? While your service keeps facilities and homes safe, you must also have cybersecurity measures to protect your security system. Partnering with the right IoT provider can ensure optimal performance and reliability for your security and surveillance services. 

Join Telit for a webinar to discover how to overcome the top five pain points for IoT-enabled security and surveillance. We will discuss IoT connectivity options and how to leverage remote monitoring for your solution. 

Attendees will learn: 

  • How to choose the right IoT technology for security use cases, such as streaming video or emergency voice calls
  • How to ensure reliable connectivity that always uses the best available signal 
  • Options to connect your security systems with other smart devices in your home or building 
  • How to monitor your security system status remotely to ensure it is operational 
  • The importance of protecting your security system against cyberattacks