Zucchetti Centro Sistemi

Making lawn care easier with autonomous lawn mowers powered by Telit

We collaborated with Telit to create a smarter Ambrogio robot mower because we wanted to align the product with our mission: innovative, efficient, ecofriendly and competitive products to improve the quality of life for our customers.

—Fabrizio Bernini, CEO,  Zucchetti Centro Sistemi

Improved user experience and remote accessibility introduces new predictive maintenance possibilities


First founded as a software development company, Zucchetti Centro Sistemi (ZCS) has extended its offerings to include robotics, automation and renewable energy. Since 2000, ZCS has been designing, manufacturing and distributing innovative high-tech robots by combining information technology, electronics and mechanics expertise and the highest level of professional standards. Currently, the company is using Telit’s IoT platform and embedded SIMs and GE910-GNSS cloud-ready cellular modules in some of their robotic lawn mowers called Ambrogio Robot.

Why Telit?

By providing three fundamental building blocks (platform, connectivity and modules), Telit is powering end-to-end communication from the lawnmower robot to ZCS’ Ambrogio Connect mobile app. Data generated by the robot is stored in the Telit IoT Platform, a cloud-based IoT subscription service. Then, the information is visualized by the mower’s connected app, allowing customers to interact with the robot remotely and securely. As a result, customers can manage and control their robot anytime and anywhere.



ZCS created the Ambrogio auto mower to make lawn care easier, more affordable and successful for its customers. The mower cuts grass autonomously and automatically, requiring no human assistance once installed. As a highly intelligent, evolved robot with patented sensors and advanced navigation, Ambrogio runs according to programmed intervals, alternates cutting cycles with recharging and mows an entire lawn without missing an area. Plus, its self-programming feature enables customers to optimize work times and vary blade speeds based on grass height.


Zucchetti is planning to scale the triple-play solution to the entire Ambrogio robot mower portfolio. This strategy allows the company to introduce new predictive maintenance and service-based features to their offering, both for end customers and distributors/importers. Plus, insights gained from this pilot project will help scale Telit’s IoT solution to other areas of the business, such as industrial automation and sensoring applications.

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