Restech: Telit Modules, SIMs and Services Help Physicians Manage Patients with Chronic Respiratory Diseases


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 300 million people worldwide have asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other chronic respiratory conditions. COPD alone accounts for roughly 5% of all deaths.

Healthcare providers frequently use oscillometry to assess the lung function of people with chronic respiratory diseases. Patients breathe normally into a device that uses gentle pressure oscillations to measure airway resistance and lung elasticity. These insights help physicians provide better treatment plans.

Oscillometry also gives healthcare providers a powerful way to monitor patients recovering from COVID-19. For example, after discharge from the hospital, patients can use the device at home, with their physician remotely monitoring the data. Remote home monitoring helps balance the shortage of hospital beds and caregivers with the need to quickly identify relapsing patients who need follow-up care.

The same approach can be used to remotely monitor and manage other types of chronic respiratory diseases, including COPD and severe asthma. Moreover, researchers can provide clinical trial participants with oscillometry devices at home, enabling quick, reliable lung function assessment without direct medical supervision.

Portable Oscillometry Devices Using IoT

Over a decade ago, Restech recognized these benefits and began developing a suite of devices and services to monitor respiratory conditions and securely share that data with healthcare providers. One of those devices is RESMON PRO DIARY, a portable oscillometry device that uses cellular networks to upload patient information securely to RESOLVE, Restech’s proprietary web portal. Through RESOLVE, doctors and caregivers can access and view patient data, schedule appointments with patients or remotely manage changes in treatment should they be warranted by worsening trends detected by proprietary algorithms embedded into RESMON PRO DIARY devices.


“RESMON PRO DIARY is the only CE-labeled medical device intended to be used at home for unsupervised lung function monitoring. It also allows an easy integration of other patient-centered measures, such as blood oxygen saturation or the collection of patient-reported symptoms.”

“Our proprietary algorithms have been clinically tested for effectiveness in large multi-center European trials involving more than 300 COPD patients. Such algorithms are now incorporated into RESMON PRO DIARY devices to provide each caregiver another powerful tool for managing such non-communicable chronic diseases.”

Alessandro Gobbi, Restech co-founder and COO

Remote Patient Monitoring Technology for Managing COPD

RESMON PRO DIARY can be integrated with a pulse oximeter to detect hypoxia, which may afflict people with chronic lung conditions such as COPD and, more recently, those brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Organ damage can occur when the body’s oxygen level drops below 80%, so identifying a downward trend early on is key for helping patients before disability or death occurs. Indeed, the combination of pulse oximetry and oscillometry measurements offers the most comprehensive and tailored set of parameters needed for home monitoring of respiratory patients.  

A reliable, high-performance cellular connection is critical for ensuring that healthcare providers always have access to patient data. Cellular also provides more deployment flexibility because RESMON PRO DIARY works in homes where patients don’t have Wi-Fi, cable, DSL or fiber. That’s particularly valuable for providing respiratory care to people in low- and middle-income communities, where the WHO says over 90% of COPD-related deaths occur. 

“Installing the device in patient homes means that it could be placed anywhere, even in remote locations. These are indeed the places where the service offered via the RESMON PRO DIARY has the most value.”

Alessandro Gobbi, Restech co-founder and COO

The Telit Advantage

To ensure reliable connectivity in dozens of countries, Restech chose Telit’s UC864 module, which uses EDGE and UMTS/HSPDA. When mobile operators began phasing out those 3G technologies in favor of 4G, Restech initiated the process to upgrade the RESMON PRO DIARY with Telit’s ME910C1-WW, an LTE module designed to meet unique requirements such as ultra-compact form factors and long battery life. 


Compliant with 3GPP Release 14, the ME910C1-WW uses Power Saving Mode (PSM) and extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX), so devices to wake up periodically and deliver only small amounts of data necessary before returning to sleep mode. The module also has a maximum coupling loss (MCL) of up to +15 dB/+20 dB and support for Power Class 3 (output power up to 23 dBm) on LTE-M and NB-IoT, all of which helps ensure reliable indoor connectivity. 

Telit also provides the SIM cards for RESMON PRO DIARY, freeing Restech from the time and expense of managing those. The SIM card service is part of Telit’s connectivity solution, including Telit deviceWISE® Cloud, a cloud-based management tool suite. Provided as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Telit deviceWISE Cloud enables Restech to quickly and inexpensively deploy RESMON PRO DIARY devices and manage their connectivity.

Telit OneEdge

Restech is also preparing to integrate into its monitoring service Telit OneEdge, an award-winning software system embedded in modules such as the ME910C1-WW. With Telit OneEdgeRestech receives pre-provisioned, thoroughly tested and network-certified modules, so they’re ready to connect as soon as they’re activated. Telit OneEdge will also provide Restech with a single-pane console to manage all its devices, connectivity and application data.

"Telit is a reliable, certified manufacturer of embedded solutions for mobile equipment, which offered the flexibility requested for our application with the possibility to integrate them into our application to meet our time-to-market expectations. Moreover, the SIM data plans offered as a complement to their hardware provided an easy solution that met our need."

Alessandro Gobbi, Restech co-founder and COO

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