October 9, 2015

Tracker Allows Parents to Control How Fast Children Drive in Traffic

Yon Motor goes beyond security, allows a parent to get real-time location and speed of their children’s vehicles through a smartphone mobile app.

Sao Paulo, October 19, 2015 –Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that its cellular and GNSS IoT modules are to integrate Yon Motor, a new product from Nastek Indústria e Tecnologia bringing to market the smallest vehicle tracker, with user-friendly mobile app.  Beside vehicle security, speed is a top concerns for parents of teenage drivers. Yon Motor is to target this market delivering real-time location and speed data to a smartphone app, along with a number of vehicle security features.
“What parent would not want to know about their children’s night out or would not sleep better knowing that they are respecting speed limits? The idea of Yon Motor was to create something that could get people closer through Internet of Things,” says Lauro Cruz, CTO, Nastek. The Yon Motor tracker was built with latest generation technology. Moreover, the solution is lightweight and waterproof, permitting parents to secure it to any motor vehicle.
“The Yon mobile app lets users follow vehicle movements in real time and can be downloaded for free to a smartphone. The tracker helps combat car accidents involving young people since parents have full visibility of their children’s driving speeds and the routes they take,” Cruz concludes.
The innovative project was developed in partnership with Telit.  The company provides it’s GL865-QUAD and the SL871 GPS modules, which are integrated in the miniature Yon Motor to deliver machine-to-machine (m2m) communication and location awareness respectively.  The free Yon Motor mobile app is available for download in iOS and Android.
“We can clearly see how Yon Motor creates a whole new product category. It is not just a high-quality tracker, but also a mobile application that ensures safety and interactivity for families,” says Ricardo Buranello, VP, Telit Latin America.
Yon Motor has a smart automatic shutdown for battery saving and is only on when the vehicle is moving or when it needs to send data or alerts to the user. Users can also check information on position, movement, history of vehicle routes and events, to gather knowledge of everyday activities.
The tracker has internal alarms that warn the user about low-battery level or violation of geo-fences, for example. In a geo-fence, the tracker can be configured with areas and when the boundary of a configured area is crossed, the user of the linked mobile app is notified. Yon’s features provide location of the tracked vehicle, its movements and routes. It is ideal for monitoring family members, employees on driving duty and even improper movements of parked vehicles. Motorcyclists wanting to share their bike’s performance data on social media and taxi drivers looking to monitor and calculate routes and distances can use the device.
Developed and manufactured in Brazil, the tracker is commercially available nationwide since last month. The product includes accessories for installation, user’s manual and a GSM SIM CARD chip with a year’s subscription of mobile data communication. After Brazil, Yon Motor will be marketed in United States, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

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