November 3, 2015

Three More Telit 3G Modules Receive AT&T Certification, Deliver Best-in-Class Performance

With the certification, the UE866-N3G, UE910-N3G, and UL865-N3G V2 modules significantly expand options in North America
Raleigh, N.C. – November 3, 2015 – Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of the Things (IoT), today confirmed that three more variants of its UE866, UE910, and UL865 IoT module series have received AT&T* certifications for use on the carrier’s North American 3G UMTS/HSPA wireless networks earlier this year. The elimination of 2G-fallback from the UE866 and UL865 make them ideal candidates for next generation product designs that rely strictly on 3G capabilities without the overhead of 2G technology.

All three IoT modules represent the newest generation in their series and deliver best-in-class performance including extended battery life, enriched feature sets and have deviceWISE embedded APIs that use simple AT commands to seamlessly transfer data between devices and the Cloud. The UE866-N3G, UE910-N3G, and UL865-N3G V2 modules are ideal for the next generation of connected devices focused on using the most advanced technology available in the m2m/IoT market. At the conclusion of its certification, the UE866 proudly attained the distinction of smallest AT&T/ PTCRB approved 3G module in the market.

The UE866, UE910 and UL865 series dual-band UMTS/HSPA modules are providing system integrators with immediate long term deployment options over a wide range of IoT applications. All three IoT module series are set up to take advantage of both of Telit’s IoT Connectivity and IoT Platform including module management and value added services designed for hassle-free device-to–cloud onboarding. The company’s “design once and deploy globally” development philosophy makes it easy to develop devices that are certified on AT&T to also be deployed anywhere in the world with another of Telit’s modules with the same form factor.  The family concept is central to each module series; a “one-time design and integration effort” that enables regional device re-use across different data speeds and wireless technologies.

“These certifications are the result of a concentrated effort by Telit to quickly fill critical gaps in our market with modules like these that enable a much larger number of 2G migration projects than what was possible before them. These products also extend application longevity with value-added IoT features that reduce product development lifecycle costs and provide the benefits of unmatched scalability, functionality and performance,” said Mike Ueland, President of Telit Americas.

*AT&T certification only relates to the technical compatibility of the device for use on the AT&T wireless network and is not an endorsement by AT&T of the device.

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