June 6, 2014

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Telit presents new telit2market magazine

Rome, 12 May 2010 – The new telit2market magazine, the international M2M magazine from Telit Wireless Solutions, is now available to download from www.telit.com/ebook. This year’s edition includes trend and market reports, the latest case studies and technology updates. In addition, many prominent experts and decision-makers in the M2M industry share their strategies and analyses.

telit2market is aimed at decision-makers and specialists in the M2M industry. The magazine gives an exclusive insight into the latest industry developments.

Highlights from the latest edition include:

  • Erik Brenneis, Head of Machine-to-Machine Smart Services at Vodafone Global Enterprise, on the global network operator’s M2M strategy

  • Thomas Pöggel, Sales Manager at T-Mobile, on the importance of the strategic cooperation between Telit, Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile.

  • Alessandro Bacchetti, Account Manager at Infineon, on the market potential of M2M

  • Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO of analyst firm Beecham Research, on the M2M value-added chain

  • Oozi Cats, CEO of Telit, on the M2M specialist’s R&D activities

  • Joachim Koss, Vice-Chairman of ETSI TC M2M, on the importance of a common standard for M2M communication

  • Andreas Umbach, President of ESMIG, on the aims and responsibilities on the European Smart Metering Industry Group, founded in 2009

"In telit2market we examine case studies to highlight best practices and also explore how the M2M industry is likely to evolve. The magazine is aimed not only at our customers and partners but the M2M community as a whole," explains Alexander Bufalino, Global Vice-President for Marketing at Telit Communications PLC. "The fact that the issues are covered from a wide range of perspectives makes the magazine a valuable information resource."

M2M benchmark projects

In the latest edition Telit reports on a series of benchmark projects, the outcome of comprehensive R&D activities:

  • Integration of eCall functionality in the GSM/GPRS module GE864-QUAD Automotive

  • Integration of a Telit UMTS/HSDPA module in the new infotainment system of the Audi A8

  • The first ultra-compact standalone GPS module, the SE867-AGPS

  • New, powerful ZigBee modules

  • Newly developed Remote AT services for Telit modules

  • Expanded areas for Telit’s Premium FOTA (firmware over-the-air) management service

"Telit’s strategy of continuing to invest in research and service in economically difficult times has paid off, and we can look back on a successful year," says Bufalino. "Our R&D activities and effective relationship with our strong network of partners, customers and analysts represent the cornerstone of what we do. This is evident in the latest edition of telit2market."

Read the new issue of telit2market magazine as user-friendly e-book at www.telit.com/ebook

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