April 6, 2017

Telit’s LTE Cat M1 module is first to receive Verizon certification using Qualcomm Technologies’ LTE modem

Telit Communications PLC

Telit’s LTE Cat M1 module is first to receive Verizon certification using Qualcomm Technologies’ LTE modem

London, April 6 2017 – Telit Communications PLC (“Telit”, “the Group”, AIM: TCM), a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), announced that its module is the first LTE Category M1 (Cat M1) module, based on Qualcomm Technologies’ modem, to receive Verizon certification for operation on America’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE network.

Manish Watwani, Vice President Global Product Marketing at Telit, said:

“It’s rewarding to reach a new milestone in our working relationship with Qualcomm Technologies and Verizon – one where all companies are committed to stay at the forefront of advancing the IoT.

“As the first Verizon-certified LTE Cat M1 module supplier to offer the industry-leading modem from Qualcomm Technologies, we look forward to enabling IoT devices and applications to benefit from the cost-effectiveness, coverage, and the advanced security capabilities of LTE Cat M1.”

Qualcomm Technologies’ global multimode LTE Cat M1/NB1 modems are fundamental to the network rollout planned by Verizon, and Telit has been working closely with both companies to ensure the timely availability of its module.

The Qualcomm modem and Telit’s module will support Verizon’s ThingSpace platform, the operator’s Web-based developer platform designed to accelerate an innovative digital ecosystem of smart devices for the IoT segment.

Telit’s module is a member of its best-selling xE910 family and can easily be applied as a drop-in replacement in existing devices based on the family’s modules for 2G, 3G and the various categories of LTE. With the company’s design-once-use-anywhere philosophy, developers can cut costs and development time by simply designing around the xE910 LGA common form factor, giving them the freedom to deploy technologies best suited for the application’s environment.

Industries that demand lower costs, security and extended product lifecycles now have more options with the Telit module. The combination of LTE Cat M1 technology with the built-in feature set of the module makes this module an ideal solution for new applications in vertical segments such as smart energy and metering, asset tracking, retail point of sale, security and surveillance, industrial control and automation, smart home, and smart buildings.

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