June 6, 2014

Telit Wireless Solutions Receives AT&T Certification

The international M2M specialist Telit Wireless Solutions today announced the certification of six of Telit’s cellular communication modules for use on AT&T’s wireless data network in the US market. Applications for this technology include automatic meter reading, fleet management, security and surveillance, asset tracking, and remote device management and maintenance.

Telit was awarded certification on the GE864-QUAD, GE863-QUAD, GM862-QUAD, GC864-QUAD, GM862-GPS, and GE863-GPS modules.

By making all modules available concurrently, Telit is providing its customers with unparalleled flexibility to choose the ideal form factor for their specific needs. Telit’s customer-driven design focus, consistent form factors and standardized software stack interfaces in product families allow customers to scale their application deployment,” says Dominikus Hierl, President Telit Wireless Solutions. We envision a new landscape where previously only-dreamed about applications could be developed. Now many of our successful international customers will at last be able to enter the US marketplace with greater speed and ease than ever before possible.

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