June 6, 2014

Telit Wireless Solutions holds ‘2011 Media Day’ for Business Strategy Announcements


  • Active participation in various businesses being held for M2M market activation at government level
  • Korean corporation: continuous technology development and intimate client support through R&D centers as the Asia-Pacific head office

Seoul, 16 March 2011 – Telit Wireless Solutions, an internationally leading specialist in machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless technology, announced today that it will strengthen targeting public markets and continue branch growth in order to cement its position as a total M2M solution supplying enterprise.

At the ‘2011 Telit Media Day’ where this year’s business strategies are presented, Telit revealed its plan to actively participate in various government level businesses, so that aims to accomplish its goal of 30% domestic sales than 2010 as global leading M2M player.

The company presented an outline of M2M technology, market trends, advanced technology of Telit in the M2M market, and recent application cases along with the big picture for targeting the domestic M2M market.

On this day, Telit shared its vision for targeting the domestic M2M market in 2011.

Year 2011 business strategies – As Telit currently leads on the sales growth in Telematics, POS, and health care areas, and the public area market is rapidly growing, the company plans to aggressively target the market in step with this demand expansion in 2011. Especially it will strengthen its cooperative relations with the government and basic communications industries so that M2M can be used in public areas as well. The Korean corporation steps forward in raising the domestic M2M market by cooperating with domestic communication businesses.

Telit Korea to Direct APAC and Operate R&D Center – The Korean corporation is a head office that is responsible for Southeast Asia including China, Taiwan, and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region including Japan and India. It currently operates an R&D center in Korea, and plans to develop products for the APAC market demands as not only the domestic market but also the Chinese market show rapid growth. About 70 employees reside at the Korean corporation including R&D, sales, and marketing. CDMA/WCDMA products developed at the R&D center in Korea are supplied to global markets along with previous GSM/GPRS products of Telit.

  • ACQUISITION OF MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS’ M2M MODULES BUSINESS UNIT – Telit has successfully completed the acquisition of Motorola Solutions’ M2M modules business unit and Motorola Solutions’ associated employees have joined Telit. All existing Telit and Motorola products will be maintained and available as originally planned by the separate entities. Telit will continue to support and develop all products as needed, including the G24 family, G24-Light, G30 and C24.
  • Foundation for growth is laid by expansion of long-term R&D investment – Since module products cannot be finished goods as themselves, Telit plans to focus on improving customer satisfaction with continuous technology development and intimate client support through R&D centers. Telit Korea branch is not only in charge of Korea but also is responsible for the entire APAC region. It operates branches in Taipei of Taiwan, Shenzhen and Shanghai of China, New Delhi of India, and is actively targeting the M2M markets in the APAC region. There are 260 engineers working at local R&D centers in Seoul, Trieste and Sardinia of Italy, Sophia Antipolis of France and Tel-Aviv, Israel. The total number of R&D workers worldwide is 350. Telit currently participates in over 2,000 designing processes of M2M technology-based new products

Commercialization of unlaunched various popular M2M products – Telit plans to commercialize and supply various M2M products that are popular worldwide so they could be used in Korea. It will also take the lead in developing products for targeting the market of PDA terminals for overseas export. The following are recently launched new products.

  • FUTURE-PROOF HE MODULE SERIES: Telit is launching the Telit HE863 – the first model in a new module series. The HE863 is a powerful, low-cost and fully equipped HSPA M2M module in a ball grid array (BGA) form factor with embedded GPS receiver. Smart metering devices such as electricity and water meters have been in use for several years. For this reason, many manufacturers are already using 3G data transmission to future-proof their products against non-availability of the 2G network. Previously Telit only offered 3G technology in connectorised products. To complete the product range, the HE series now includes 3G modules with BGA technology for the first time.
  • GL865-DUAL FOR WIDE RANGE OF MOBILE AND ENTRY LEVEL APPLICATIONS: Telit Wireless Solutions, an internationally leading specialist in machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, is launching the GL865-DUAL, the first Telit GSM/GPRS module with LCC (Leadless Chip Carrier) castellation packaging technology, onto the market in October. Its ultra-small form factor, excellent energy efficiency and low unit price make this module perfect for mobile applications and for high-volume use across all industries. Areas of application include medical monitoring equipment, miniaturized security systems and the tracking of people, animals and objects.

Latest customer success stories

  • ‘BCM-865′ TO KOREAN METEOROLOGICAL ADMINISTRATION’S ‘UBIQUITOUS-AUTOMATIC WEATHER STATION ENHANCEMENT PROJECT’: Telit supplied a IS-95A/B CDMA2000 1x wireless data communication module, the ‘BCM-865‘, to the Korean Meteorological Administration‘s project – the Ubiquitous-Automatic Weather Station (u-AWS) enhancement Project – that is aimed towards building a system that allows real time weather forecasts. The module, ‘BCM-865‘ is a core model that goes into SK Telecom’s ‘MPT-800′ terminal. It is capable of automatically connecting machines that are a long distance from the office for the use of real time monitoring and control.
  • ‘TMS100′ SUPPLIED FOR ELECTRONIC ANKLETS FOR THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE: Telit provided its ‘TMS100′, a IS-95A/B CDMA 2000 1x wireless data communication module to electronic anklets for criminal management of sexual assault illegal acts of the Ministry of Justice (www.moj.go.kr). Since Telit supplied its TMS100 when the Ministry of Justice first enforced the Electronic Anklet Law in 2008, the company is providing additional products as the law enforcement is expanded. Telit’s TMS100 is an IS-95A/B(2nd generation CDMA mobile communication) and CDMA 2000 1x(3rd generation synchronous wireless connection technology) based, wireless mobile voice/data transmission module. It is primarily used in tracking devices for preventing crimes based on Qualcomm’s GPSOne function which is a GPS-based location-tracking technology.

M2M market trend – For the last several years, M2M repeated rapid growth and became an internationally notable market. KT Economics & Management Research Center expects a huge domestic M2M-related market of 26 trillion won by 2020. The government and communication businesses expect the M2M market to be in full-scale from next year, and are speeding up their research & development (R&D) and relevant business model excavations. China estimates a domestic M2M market of 500 trillion won at the same period and is providing active support at government level. One of the most important reasons for these predictions is that M2M is expanding its area into each industry market. M2M technology showed to have great influence in logistics and fleet management, remote monitoring of machines and equipment, remote management of recorded data which switched the previous passive measuring system to automatic measuring system for action time of construction machinery and facilities as well as heat meter and use of electricity. M2M also plays a significant role in security, remote measuring, telematics, POS (point of sales), health care and product/person tracking. M2M technology is no longer limited to the B2B market and is being used increasingly in remote monitoring or control of applications for the general consumers.

"The domestic market is rapidly growing as the M2M module is recently being applied to various areas of public businesses," said Yoon Jong-gap, a representative of APAC Office "Telit plans to take the lead in continuous product development and technology support through R&D centers. We will satisfy the market and customers’ various demands through domestic partnerships, and focus on raising the domestic M2M market at the same time."

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