June 6, 2014

Telit Wireless Solutions enjoys strong demand for the world’s smallest GSM/GPRS embedded cellular module, the GE865

Ultra-Compact GE865-QUAD Embedded Cellular Module Drives Growth in New Vertical Markets for M2M Technology

Rome, 27 April 2010 – Telit Wireless Solutions, an international leader in machine-to-machine (M2M) technology and a subsidiary of Telit Communications PLC (AIM: TCM), announced today that it has experienced strong global demand for its GE865-QUAD the world’s smallest GSM/GPRS module, since its global launch last year. The module has already been integrated into numerous applications that have successfully launched around the globe, including a GPS radar warning system from Coyote Systems, a people tracking system by EmFinders, and a satellite-supported mobile asset tracking solution from Quake Global.

The GE865-QUAD is the ideal solution for embedded cellular applications where small size and energy efficiency are crucially important. Measuring only 22 x 22 x 3 mm, the GE865-QUAD is significantly smaller and features more optimized power consumption than all previous models and the majority of rival products. Because of its extremely compact form factor, the GE865-QUAD opens up new vertical areas of M2M application and device development in markets such as Telemetry, mobile asset tracking and telemedicine.

"M2M technology is playing a vital role increasing cost efficiency and streamlining business processes within many vertical markets, a perfect example being healthcare. As the global population lives longer and medical costs continue to rise, our healthcare systems in their current state are experiencing significant strain. Technological solutions that minimize costs without compromising the quality of service are urgently needed," said Felix Marchal, Global VP Sales Telit Communication PLC. "Because of the small form factor of the GE865-QUAD combined with Telit’s strong reputation for delivering rugged and reliable technology, the module is ideal for even the smallest mobile applications, such as body-worn healthcare devices."

U.S.-based EmFinders is a prime example of the immediate benefits offered by the ultra-compact dimensions and energy efficiency of the GE865-QUAD. EmFinders leverages the Telit module in a body-worn bracelet for locating persons with conditions such Alzheimer’s disease or monitoring people who are at high risk of a heart attack. A similar solution is made by Canadian tracking specialist Laipac Tech that also relies on the GE865-QUAD for its AGPS devices that can be worn as a wristwatch or used as an emergency mobile phone.

The growth market of personal navigation devices (PNDs) is also profiting from the small size and optimized power consumption of the GE865-QUAD in a major way. More and more PNDs are being connected directly to the Internet and offer users important additional services such as up-to-date traffic jam forecasts or automatic updates of maps.

For example, the French Telematics company Mobile Devices leverages the GE865-QUAD in its multifunctional vehicle tracking solution C4+SDP4, which combines a fleet management solution, emergency call function, and an anti-theft solution in a single device. Coyote Systems has equipped its GPS radar warning system with the GE865-QUAD and, with the aid of state-of-the-art GPS satellite technology, determines the vehicle’s exact position, its speed and the current speed limit.

The U.S.-based company Quake Global also uses the miniature size of the GE865-QUAD in its satellite-assisted tracking solution Q-Pro and Q4000 to track, monitor and manage industrial goods. All of these tracking solutions rely on the rugged GE865-QUAD, which can withstand strong impact, constant vibration and extreme levels of hot and cold.

With the recent launch of Telit’s Remote AT service, AT commands can be sent to the module via SMS or TCP. This dramatically simplifies remote access to the application as commands can be self-executed and modified by the module. This is key for hard-to-access applications, such as offshore wind turbines or smart metering applications in which data such as the battery status or electrical voltage needs to be monitored. In the logistics industry, the GE865-QUAD is utilized to monitor mobile goods such as shipping containers or trucks, and log them centrally. Thanks to its quad-band capability, the module can operate reliably worldwide to track goods.

The GE865-QUAD is also the first product in the Telit’s next generation modules to be based on the V2 single chipset from Infineon Technologies. It is extremely economical in terms of energy consumption, even when constantly operational, making it an ideal solution for battery-powered mobile applications. The GE865-QUAD and all Telit modules also feature Python Script Interpreter. As a result, modules can either be embedded into existing applications and controlled via an external micro-controller or be operated as a stand-alone system via Python.

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