June 6, 2014

Telit Wireless Solutions announces business strategy at ‘2010 MEDIA DAY’ for Korea

Telit Wireless Solutions Announces Business Strategy At ‘2010 Media Day’ for Korea

  • Telit to reinforce market strategy with respect to the existing Telematics, POS, CDMA/WCDMA sectors as well as Smart Grid, security, healthcare, and public sectors

  • Telit Korea: Headquarters of APAC region to leverage R&D center to offer continuous technical developments and strong customer support

Seoul, March 15, 2010 – Telit Wireless Solutions Co. Ltd., the Korea-based M2M mobile technology arm of Telit Communications PLC (AIM: TCM), held the ‘2010 Telit Media Day’ today in which the company revealed its business strategy for this year. The company proposed a big picture to pitch for the Korean M2M market by supporting it with an outline of the M2M technology and market trends, Telit’s leading technical capacity in the M2M market, and actual application cases.

In today’s event, Telit shared its vision for pitching for the Korean M2M market in 2010.

Business Strategy of 2010 – The market strategy for 2010 is to actively accommodate the increasing demands in the domestic M2M market aroused by the Telit-driven Telematics, POS, and CMDA/WCMDA sectors as well as the new Smart Grid, healthcare, and public wireless communication sectors. Telit Korea is looking to grow the domestic M2M market while working in hand with CDMA/WCDMA companies to expand M2M businesses. Also, participating in the government’s Smart Grid (intelligent electricity grid) building project, Telit incorporates its wireless communication modules into the intelligent electricity grid-based remote inspection business. The company also plans to reinforce the partnership with the government and key communication providers in order to facilitate the public nature of M2M that is applicable for monitoring solitary senior citizens or ex-convicts.

Direct APAC region and Operate R&D Center – Telit Korea, which is the headquarters of the APAC region that comprises of China, Taiwan, South-East Asia, and Japan, currently operates the R&D center and recently relocated and expanded its office to the 12th and 14th floors of Shinyoung Securities Building in Yeouido in response to the increasing interest in M2M communication and the growing domestic business opportunities. There are about 70 R&D, sales, and marketing employees stationed in Korea where CDMA/WCDMA products developed in the Korea R&D center are supplied to worldwide markets along with Telit’s existing GMS/GPRS products.

New Products Release – ¨Telit released the stand alone GPS data communication module ‘SE867-AGPS’. SE867-AGPS, the smallest of all Telit products with a dimension of just 18㎜×18㎜×3.5㎜. The module is applicable in Telematics, logistics management solutions and PDAs, and security-related devices. ¨Telit also released ‘GE865’, the world’s smallest GSM/GPRS module for short-range data communication, along with 15 other new products. With these new products, Telit now supports not only cellular technologies like GMS/GPRS, UMTS/WEDGE/HSDPA and CDMA but also short-range communication technologies for Wi-Fi, ZigBee, short-range RF, Wireless MBus, and GPS thereby becoming the world’s only M2M (Machine-to-machine) provider that encompasses every wireless data communication module product type.

Accelerated market positioning through SKT IOT certification – Telit’s newly released 3G/CDMA wireless data communication module ‘CC864-SINGLE’ achieved SKT’s IOT certification. With the IOT certification of CC864-SINGLE, Telit expects to increase its data communication module sales against [do you mean at the expense of competitors?] companies that supply devices to SKT. IOT is a network synchronization compatibility certification test required by SKT and other telecom companies. Following CDMA 1x wireless data communication module CC864-K and wireless data communication module UC864-K, The 2.5G wireless data communication module CC864-SINGLE is the third Telit product to pass the IOT test.

Stable foundation for growth through long-term R&D investments – Due to the nature of module products that requires constant support, Telit is looking to focus on improving the customer satisfaction level through continuous technical developments and sound customer support based off of its R&D center. As a frontline base of not only Korea but the entire APAC region, Telit Korea is actively engaging in M2M markets across the APAC region including China, Taiwan, and India. Of 370 Telit personnel stationed around the world, 260 of them are deployed in the R&D centers across Seoul, Italy and France where Telit is currently involved in the design process of over 2,000 new M2M technology-based products.

Domestic Application Cases – ¨Telit had recently supplied its 3.5G wireless data communication module ‘UC864-K’ to ‘BIP-6000’ of Bluebird, the mail delivery assisting PDA of Korea Post of the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy (Director Namgoong Min, www.koreapost.go.kr). ¨Telit also supplied its CMDA 2000 1x wireless data communication module ‘BCM-860S’ to MOJ-200, the Ministry of Justice’s (Minister Lee Gui Nam, www.moj.go.kr) sexual ex-con control unit. ¨Telit supplied its CDMA 2000 1x-based wireless data communication module ‘BCM-1865’ to the credit card readers of Korea Smartcard (CEO Park Gye Hyun, www.t-money.co.kr) for branded taxi businesses. ¨Telit also has some notable references in the Korean logistics sector including Bluebird and Mobile Compia as it has been supplying the WCDMA (HSDPA) module to Chairman and Genesis for advanced Telematics since 2001.

M2M Market Trends – The M2M market has become a globally high-profile market after years of speedy growth. Global market research firm Beecham research predicted in its 2009 report that the M2M global cellular module market will witness an astounding growth of 225% from USD 800 million (KRW 900 billion) to USD 1.8 billion (KRW 2 trillion) from 2008 to 2013, mostly driven by remote monitoring and tracking sectors. The fact that M2M is broadening its grounds to many different industries was a pivotal reason for the prediction. M2M technology played a pivotal role in the remote processing of record data that automates the manual inspection of logistics and fleet management, remote monitoring of equipments and machines, operation time of construction equipments, and heat meter electricity usage. M2M is also a significant part in security, remote inspection, telematics, POS (Point of Sale), healthcare and product/subject tracking where the M2M technology is no longer restricted to within the B2B market but is used widely in remote monitoring or control of standard consumer applications.

"Telit has accomplished a notable achievement in 2009 despite the global financial crisis. We will continue our dominance in the domestic M2M market while satisfying the diverse needs of our clients and the market through constant technical developments, extended vision, and sound technical support based on our R&D capabilities," said Telit Korea’s General Manager Yoon Jong Gap.

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