June 6, 2014

Telit Unveils Market’s Smallest COMBO 2G Cellular Module with Multi-constellation Satellite Positioning Receiver

GE910-GNSS to Deliver GPS, GLONASS, Galileo-ready Positioning Along with GSM/GPRS Connectivity

Embedded World, Nuremberg, Germany – February 14, 2013 – Telit Wireless Solutions, a global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) solution, products and services, today announced the introduction of the company’s first combination 2G-cellular, multi-constellation satellite positioning receiver module, the GE910-GNSS. The product which incorporates an ARM11 processing core capable of running customer applications internally without the need for additional electronics, can deliver a fully functional high-performance tracking solution from the stamp-sized xE910 form factor.

The GE910-GNSS is comprised of two fully independent functional blocks: the quad-band GSM/GPRS GE910-QUAD engine and the multi-constellation GNSS receiver capable of independent or simultaneous GPS and GLONASS. The GE910-GNSS can function as a best in class tracking solution even in built up or noisy environments or in cellular-only or GNSS-only modes. The product can be ordered with an m2mAIR SIM chip mounted inside the module allowing it to be instantly connected to the cellular network and the broad range of remote module management services from Telit’s m2mAIR.

The GSM/GPRS engine in the GE910-GNSS is voice capable with both analog and digital (DVI) interfaces. It delivers GPRS class 10, 3GPP Release 4 compliant data communications and is equipped with a USB 2.0 full speed interface. The GNSS receiver supports NMEA and RTCM standards over GPS (L1), Glonass (L1, FDMA), and Galileo (E1) frequency bands. It leverages a 32-channel GPS architecture for a CEP50 Position accuracy of 1.5m (5 ft) and a time to first fix from cold start of less than 35 seconds. For streamlined application development and system integration the company offers USB drivers for Windows desktop, Windows Embedded CE, Linux, and Android. RIL drivers are also available.

The embedded Python script language interpreter allows the ARM11 processing core in the cellular engine to run customer applications which can among other things, access the GNSS core directly. With this capability and the benefit of an embedded m2mAIR SIM chip, a full-blown high-performance multi-constellation tracking device for assets, people, or livestock can be developed with little more than the GE910-GNSS, a host board and antennas.

"The launch of the GE910-GNSS rounds out the xE910 product family with the combined functionalities of the GE910-QUAD 2G cellular engine and a full-function multi-constellation GNSS receiver into the popular xE910 form factor," said Dominikus Hierl, chief marketing officer at Telit Wireless Solutions. "Take this rich functionality and add the convenience and robustness of an embedded m2mAIR SIM chip and the customer application does not even require a SIM cardholder and the electronics which go with it."

The xE910 Unified Form Factor family is comprised of pin-to-pin compatible devices in Telit’s broadest range of cellular air interfaces and band combinations making it a pillar of the concept "design once and deploy globally". A one-time design and integration effort enables worldwide or regional device re-use across different data rates and wireless technologies with air interfaces in GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSPA+, 1xRTT, EV-DO, and LTE. The xE910 family was conceived to enable applications to be easily upgraded in a number of dimensions, for example when migrating from 2G to 3G and further to 4G. The xE910 family fully preserves the core design of the application or device from launch to phase-out with family modules packaged in a common 28.2×28.2 mm LGA footprint.

Ten years on, leveraging the industry’s broadest portfolio of hardware in cellular, short range and positioning technologies, artfully complemented by services and connectivity from m2mAIR, Telit is M2M’s One Stop Shop for system integrators. By applying products and services in synergizing bundles, delivered with global support and logistics matching each individual need or want, Telit eliminates technical risk shortening time to market to the Internet of Things, wherever YOU come from – industry or segment. 

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